One of our many  traits we adore about Shelties is the variety of colors they come in so we have put together a Sheltie color chart using our Cincerlee Shelties.

 Can you tell  which color yours  is? 

 The sable Sheltie comes in a wide variety of shades ranging anywhere from pale gold to a dark mahogany.

Say hello to our lovely "Cher"

BPIS Ch. Crinan's Share The Dream

who is a lovely clear gold Sable.

Here is a slightly darker sable with more black throughout the coat. Note that the base coat color is still brown.

This handsome young man is our 

Ch. Cincerlee's Pineapple Express "Tempest"

As we get into heavier shading of black over the basic sable coat we have a "Shaded Sable". These darker sable  colors are usually the result of Tri-color or bi-color breeding in the dog's pedigree.

"Bailey" aka Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection is pleased to be our Model!

Red shaded sable and white is  another 
variety of Sable

our handsome

 "Mala" Ch. Sharls Delamantha Divine Mind
is also "pure for sable" which means he only produces sable puppies no matter what color he is bred to.


Here we have the darkest variety of sable which is called a "mahogany" 

Our precious "Halo"

aka Cincerlee's Calling All Angels

 is a beautiful example of this rich color.

This is a Bi Color Sheltie. they are black and white Only (no tan any where) 

Presenting our Favorite Bi color: 

Ch Cincerlee The Color of Magic 


The Tri Color Sheltie is black and white with tan or sable patches  usually on the cheeks, front and back legs.

Meet our favorite Tri Color: 

Ch Cincerlee Strait Tequila Nite 

Take a Bow "Patrone" !

Ah, the infamous Blue Merle sheltie! Admired by many, This color pattern is varying shads from dark grey to pale silver with patches of black, tan and white scatterd throughout the coat.

Our Most Illustrous Blue to Date:

Ch Cincerlee The Lite Fantastic "Rincewind" 

Here is a picture of a Blue Merle sheltie without full white markings.She has the same color pattern as Rincewind in a darker hue but they are both classified as Blue Merles.

 This cheeky little girl is our very Own Ch Azarel a Muse in Lace 

but her friends call her 


Last but not least is the Bi- Blue which is a Blue Merle with no tan markings at all.

Here is a head shot of our striking Bi-Blue

"Ausitin" aka Ch. Kyrie Westwin High Roller

Although Austin and Rincewind have blue eyes, Blue Merle and Bi- Blue Merles are allowed to have blue eyes, brown eyes, merle eyes, or any combination there of.  We're just suckers for guys with blue eyes!