Cincerlee Shelties

 We have recently relocated to  the beautiful Prairie Hamlet of Yellow Creek Saskatchewan where we   actively breed and show our dogs.  We are a mother/daughter team and our goal is to produce healthy Shelties with solid, outgoing temperaments. All our dogs are much loved house dogs (as our well worn living room furniture verifies) and we always bear in mind that although it's great to win at Dog Shows, a dog is actually in the Show ring for a minute amount of time in the course of their life. Therefore, we put our emphasis breeding dogs that are pleasant to live with and a source of enjoyment for their  families.We had always line bred on Candega Shelties line from Daphne Allen  and have had great success both in and out of the show ring with this line. Unfortunately Daphne retired and the Candega line is pretty scarce. We could not find a suitable dog with these lines  so we decided to build our own by acquiring  breeding stock with the qualities and attributes we so  admire in the Candega Dogs and striving to blend them to produce it ourselves by select breeding of these dogs. Not an easy task! We have some excellent foundation stock thanks to the trust and generosity of  their breeders and we will do our best to continue to make these lines a positive influence on the breed. 

Ashley and Patrone 

Liana with Ethel, our rescue dog and dog show companion