OK,Mom I'll wear the coat but we're going to have to discuss the boots...

Willow on pea patrol...

Double Trouble!

Those puppy zoomies tucker a guy right out!

Just keeping your seat warm....

You'll love the Island they said...no more snow they said...

Island Life !

                                                                                                                                                             Are you sure this is the Bunny Hill...
Kai maturing from first mate to Captain!

Keep an eye on that rabbit...I know there are treats in those eggs!

Waiting for Santa

I've got your back buddy!

Sweet Dreams Mech!

Spa Day!

Just Another Day In Paradise

Chloe and Cooper are all smiles!

We can't start the bath with our Duckie!

Simba looking quite Patriotic!

Come on guys! Let's get the Wienie Roast Started!

                Devon and Elizabeth Taylor...picture perfect!

Material Girls! 

Bijou at the dog park

So....this is the surprise?

Dog days of summer.....

Piper (son of Bijou), Sarah (daughter of Richie) and Joey (Bowen's Sister) all met up at a recent agility trial- good times!

Hold still.There is one more egg back here....

 Winter and Joey...picture perfect!

 Me! of course not!....I've just been here chewing on my treat

 Tempest and Leo

Dogs are not our whole life but they make our lives whole

It's easy... just ring the doorbell and run!

Slumber Party

I have a perfectly good explanation for this..... 

Arrgh! You never told me the grass was wet! 

Fishing Pals!)

 The octopus here is excellent! 

You go...I hit the snooze button last time.....

Trick or Treat! 

                                                                                               Love is in the air.... 

                                                                                                                                   Megan and Tyler with Tuukka and Flex

Orion and Luna

         Sandy and Derek with Shoji and Venus...ring bearers!     

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Out of the frying pan.... 

Love at first sight:)

Jester...Dog Tired!

Anchors away! 

Fashion fades...style is eternal.... 

Sinbad enjoying the festive season with his buddies...  

Spring Fever! 

No snakes? OK I'm coming.... 

Bring on the wind chill!  

Queen Kate relaxin' at the office.... 

Mala meets his boys, Shoji and Wesley 

 Stan lovin' it at the lake!

 It's all fun and games till some buddy ends up in a cone;0

         Shoji looking dapper after his visit to the Groomers!                                                    It's dog's life eh Loki!    Look at that view!                 

Mozart- (Mala son) enjoying afternoon hike. 

Fun in the Sun (set) 

Now I've got YOUR nose! 


Above: Big Smiles with Aeerie

Below: Don't Go in there! 

Above: Those look very chewy and delicious!

Below: Halo Snoozes Hardcore! 


Puppy Love !


Above: Mystique gets Frosty on her holiday to Ontario

Above: The Magic of Christmas 

Sunday afternoon Naps 

Above: Bentley Rocks on

Below: Lacey and Caffery Visit the Hospital 

Above: Beau Celebrates his first Christmas , in style!

Below: Sable Scramble! 

Release the hounds! 

 Say AH!

Above: Mala enjoys a morning groom session with new Pal Geroge Harrison

Below: Priya and Elizabeth Taylor- BFF Fur-Eva! 

 Sweet Dreams Buttercup!

Hey! Where did that Ball go!

Majestic Makenzie All grown up! she has given up skatebaording for strolls by the lake! 

Sheltie Smiles  

CSI: Sheltie Style


Great fit, good support...Do you have this is in a smaller size?

CSI: Sheltie Style

I was never this short, You lie! 

Every Orchestra needs a "Tube" Section! Running Buddies 

Running Buddies 

Excuse me you're grazing in my Bed! 

           Kessie Goes "Alley-Oop!"  

It's the hard knock life for Gabby


What's wrong, should I be in the other basket with the darks? 

The Flying Reds:  Aarie and Reba (sisters).


 We're Gonna need a bigger sofa!

That Looks like hard work... I'll just watch thank you! 

World Cup Soccer anyone?  

No Ball too Large... 

Sam and His "Thinking Ear" 

Catch a Falling snow flake... 

Wiskey Tubing With Dad

 Wiskey tubing with Dad (above)

Kayleigh agility CH (below)

Patrone and Trooper enjoying their first Christmas together! (above)

Cricket and her Dad 

 Pearl -pictured above playing King Of The Hill

 Luna in her "pup tent" (above)

(Above) Mikos On guard against squirrels...

(Below) Kenzie plays circus dog! 

 Puppy Love!

Kelsey and her new Pal Benny BFFs 

Caffrey- his future's so bright he's gotta' wear shades..... 

Marty ( A Relic Son pictured above) in his favorite shady spot 

(16 years young in this photo) 

Pearl enjoy a delicious sandal... 


Saphire and Hanna Catching Some Rays in the pool... 

Oct 2011- The first Victoria Sheltie and Collie Meet Up -come and join us for the next one! 

Phylio lookin' stylish (right) Cher and Aiden playing (above) 

  Handsome Bently (above)

Cricket (Sable) and her pal Venus (Blue)



Tea Party with  JJ, Caffery and Lacey 

 Zeah enjoying a nap with Mom

Zeah playing hard...good thing she had that nap!



      Bali                                               Princess Aurora


Lacey                                              Teak

Lacey Cruisin' with Joanna 


 Gracie and her Mom visit the Winery....


Kenzie's First Snowfall


 Lacey and Caffrey explore the Beach



Gracie enjoying her first snowfall                          Isla at The Pet Parade


Jason and Oscar share  a  tender moment 

Kenzie trying a Little Skateboarding....


Whiskey, another Relic son in his golden years. Much loved and missed by his friend Lynn.

Bristol (Relic's son) enjoying  a day at the lake. Pictured at 10 years old.

Trevor and Corey up to no good....