June 5, 2022: Another amazing day at Northern Alberta Canine Association as Coco is awrded Best of Breed and Best puppy in Breed under Judge  Rick Gschwender. Thanks to Connie andTrina for making her look her best!  

June 4 2022: Pleased to hear that Coco - Ch Cincerlee Un Poco Loco was awarded Best opposite and Best Puppy In Breed Today by Judge Margaret Jones in a very competitve Sheltie Entry at the Northern Alberta Canine Association. 

May 8th 2022:Our Cincerlee crew had a great weekend at the Hub City Show! Our visiting boy Ch Crinan Decision "Harris was given the nod for Select Dog under all Three Judges to pick up 8 Grand Champion Points! Harris and Ashley looked great out there! Cincerlee's Graceland "Memphis" took Reserve Winners under Yvoone Savard in the Saskatchewan Working and Herding  Specialty while her buddy Ch. Cincerlee's Un Poco Loco "Coco" was awarded Best of Breed and Best Puppy in Breed! Coco was then awarded Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and Group 4 under Judge Raymond Larivierre.WOW!

May 5, 2022: Getting packed up and grooming the kids out for the Hub City Kennel Club Dog Show. Looking forward to a fun weekend with fellow Sheltie Breeders.

May 4, 2022: Busy few weeks around here with lots of puppies keeping us very busy! They are so much fun and bring us joy every day:} It is indeed bittersweet to watch these kids heading off to their new homes this week...time flies eh?

March 26,202:Celebrating a new Champion here at COCO is now Ch Cincerlee's Un Poco Loco! She finished her Championship from the Junior Puppy Class witha 4 point Best of Breed Win over Specials!

Feb. 25 , 2022: Spent the day getting caught up on photos! For all of you who have been waiting for updates, please check out the Nursery page:)

Feb 21, 2022: In the wee hours of the morning Alexis  welcomed her new arrivals of 4 beautiful girls and 1 Boy Sired by our visiting Stud Harris (Ch Crinan Final Decision). Stop by the nursery and say hello to the Designing Woman kids:)

Feb 2, 2022: It's been a sad week around here. The Gryffindor kids got quite ill and despite our round the clock care, we lost Ron, Neville, and Seamus. Special thanks to Park Range and Gateway Vet Services for their help and support during this very diffcult time. On a brighter note, Dean and Hermione bounced back and are doing fsantastic! Harry has fought valiantly and put up with his tube feedings and medications for 18 days. The good news is that he lived up to his Namesake and he truly is "The Boy That Lived" . He is wrestling with his brother amd sister and eating on his his own now. 

Jan 21, 2022: Chrissy and Flint welcomed 4 little redheads today. Our "Snug as a Bug"kids are doing great!. Say hello in the Nursery.

Jan 17, 2022: Aris and Tulu are pleased to announce the arrival of our Gryffindor House Litter! 5 boys and 1 girl are doing well.Stop by the Nursery and meet them:)

Jan 5, 2021: 2022 and COVID provided us our share of challenges and disappointments but despite only hitting a few shows this year our Cincerlee Crew did us proud! We celebrate new Champion Cincerlee Don't Stop Me Now aka Freddie, New Grand Ch Cincerlee's Betwtixt and Between ''Twix", New Champion Cincerlee's Sugar Shack "Maple", New Champion Donayne Cincerlee Wishin' and Hopin aka "Dusty". We also have new Champions in the works with littermates  Silvermyth My Sweet Sassy Girl " Candy" and Cincerlee Silvermyth That Girl aka "Marlo" with major points. Special thanks to Handlers extrodinaire Trina Neil and Connie Krohn for exceptional presentation of our kids this year! We are very appreciative of your talents:) Overseas, we are thrilled that our dear family , Montri andd Amanda have been blessed in 2021 as Ian has three handsome sons at Silvermyth Shelties in Thailand and 4 beautiful daughters  at Maplehaven Shelties in Singapore! We beat the COVID blues,  enjoying time with  some very promising (and sassy) puppies which will be hitting the ring this year. No to mention the many Performance titles throughout the family...we are so proud of all of you! Happy New Year to our Cincerlee family both old and new and may 2022 be filled with good times and puppy kisses!

Dec 30,2021: CoCo and Ashley hit the ring under Judge Carol Graham and were given the nod for Best Puppy In Breed! Our visitor, Harris Ch. Crinan Final Decision was awarded Best of Breed and Group 4th by Carol Graham as well. They make quite a team!

Dec 30, 2021: CoCo strutted into the  ring debut at the tender age of 6 months and 1 day . Her and Ashley had a great time taking Best Puppy In Breed and Reserve Winners in heavy competition under Judge Honey Glendinning!

Dec 28, 2021: Our kids debut at the Prince Albert Kennel Club Show was very successful! Dusty aka Donayne Cincerlee Wishin'& Hopin' was given the nod for Best Of Breed from the puppy Class for a 4 point win! She followed that up with Winners Bitch under Judge Michael Lanctot and Best of Winners under Judge Pat Lanctot to finsheher Canadian Championship in lightening speed! dusty was beautifull presented by Connie Krohn and Trina Neil!

Dec 24, 2021: An early Christmas gift as ultrasound confirms that both Chrissy and Tulu are expecting the pitter patter of puppy paws in January! Check out the Puppies and Available dogs page to see pictures of the Sires of these litters.

Dec 6, 2021: Pleased to welcome our new visitor Ch Crinan Final Decision aka "Harris."This handsome fellow will be entratining the ladies and hitting the Show Ring while he is here. Thank youto Evelyn Susin of Crinan Shelties for trusting us with your Special Boy!

Nov 14, 2021: Congratulations to our Newest Champion Cincerlee's Sugar Shack aka Maple. Maple wrapped up her Championship in fine form with a Best Of Breed under judge Darle Heck!

Nov 11, 2021: Please to hear that Marlo aka Cincerlee Silvermyth That Girl was Reserve Winners at the Working and Herding Specialty today:)

Nov 10, 2021: Wishing  Maple Best of Luck as she heads out to Brandon  with Connie and Trina in search of that elusive last point for her Championship. Marlo is tagging along to gain some experience and start her show career. Have fun ladies!

Oct 30,2021: Just planning our winter Breedings. It is interesting to research pedigrees and match our girls up with healthy, quality Males.

Oct 19, 2021: Wishing our girls Candy -  Silvermyth My Sweet Sassy Girl  and her sister Marlo - Cincerlee Silvermyth That Girl the Best of Luck as they head out to Camrose and The Lower Mainland with Trina and Connie to represent the Cincerlee Clan! Very heavy competition.... Good luck ladies:)

Sept 7, 2021: Now that all the excitment is passed we are looking forward to spending some loving up on our keeper puppies...they are adorable!

Sept 6: Candy aka Silvermyth's My Sweet Sassy Girl has been out to play the last couple of weeks and just needs a third judge to finish! Big thank to Connie Krohn for loving up on Candy and teaching her to be a show dog and double thanks to judge Rick Fehler for thinking Candy is twice as nice!

Sept 6, 2021: Hail the conquering Hero! Twix is now Can Grand Ch Cincerlee's Betwixt and Between! Big thanks to Tammy Sawatzsky for taking Twix on her whirlwind trip to her Grand with a coupleof Breed Wins and a select and 3 Best of Opposites all in a fiercely competitive Breed Ring! Another shoutout to Trudy Taphorn for piloting Twix to her Group 4 win. And last but not least, a huge congratulations to Twix's owners Darrel and Ann for beleiving in Twix and loving this crazy dog show hobby!

Sept 6, 2021: So Close, yet so far....Maple sits on 9 points after the Saskatchewan Summer Circuit . Thanks to Trina Niel for convincing MAaple to be  SHow Dog even whenit rained!

Sept 2, 2021: Greeat day as Twix picks up another Breed Win under Judge Phil Wendling , Dusty picked up Best Baby Puppy In Group as well

Sept 1, 2021:Our Beautiful Dusty continued her winning ways being awarded Best Baby Puppy In Specialty bu Breeder Judge Joanne Pavey WOW! 

August 31, 2021: What a day at the Dog Show! Twixaka Ch Cincerlee Betwixt and Between goes Best of Breed and Herding Group 4 placement over a high quality entry. Her daughter Mple aka Cincerlee Sugar Shack was Best of Winners today for 4 points from the Open Bitch Class.Our girl Marlo aka Cincerlee That Girl won her very large senior puppy class. In the afternoon for the supported entry, Jovi aka Cincerlee Miss Congeniality surprised us by winning her very large senior puppy class and going onto  Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Puppy In Breed under Breeder Judge Guy Jeavons.Not to be outdone Our Baby Puppy , Dusty aka Donayne Cincerlee Wishin and Hopin wook home top honour as Best Baby Puppy In Show! We are on Cloud 9!

August 28,2021: Busy, busy times as our Show Committee completes the final preparations for our Prince Albert Kennel Club Championship Dog Show. Preapring the Show Grounds and our Cincerlee kids for the Show makes for many hours of work ! (who needs to sleep anyways!)

August 26: Thrilled to hear that Candy aka Silvermyth My Sweet Sassy Girl had a successful start to her Show Career picked up 3 points today at The Cranbrook Show under Judge Rick Fehler!

July 30.2021: WOW!!!Freddie is now Canadian Champion Cincerlee's Don't Stop Me Know after he was awarded best of Winners in a quality packed Sheltie entry of 23 Class Dogs for a 5 point Win under Judge Patricia Langetot!Thanks to Trina and Connie for piloting him to his Championship!

July 25, 2021: Freddie is 1/2 way to his Championship after receiving Winners Dog for 2 points under Judge Carmen Haller.

July 25,2021: Great news from Burns Lake as Freddie gets the Nod for Best of Winners under Judge Terry Gains! First 3 points!

July 22, 2021: Wising Bestof Luck to Freddie aka Cincerlee's Don't Stop me Now as he heads off in the quest forhis Championship with his best buddies Trina and Connie!

July 7: Welcome to our Outlaws Litter who arived kickin' and ready to go! # Boys and 4 girls:)

July 4, 2021: I know how exciting the arrival of your new family member is and I'm  keenly aware of how long you have been anticipting their arrival. I'm so blessed to have such super homes for my puppies. I do ask for your patience for a couple of days as I settle the new kids in  and and look after their Moms. I will be contacting each of you with updates shortly.

July 1, 2021: We had lots to celebrate on Canada Day with the arrival of our "Hockey Player" Litter! These kids are waiting to meet you in the Nursery.

June 29,2021: Ashley got a wonderful birthday present from Maddy as she delivered 5 beautiful puppies today. Vist our "Birds of a Feather" litter in the Nursery :)

June 8,2021:Tulu and Swagger are pleased to announce the arrival of 5 beautiful Sable and White puppies  in the wee hours of June 6. Stop by the Nursary Page and meet the Cheeseboard litter!

June 5, 2021: Settling in for a long night as Tulu is in Pre labour :)

May 2, 2021: We have have been busy thelast couple of weeks ut we are pleased to announce that all our Spring Breedings have been completed! Fingers crossed for some the pitter patter of little Sheltie Paws soon:)

March 10, 2021:Just recieved my copy of The Complete Shetland Sheepdog by Catrina Mehltretter and was pleased to see a familiar face on page 13 & 78! Way to go Ian! 

March 8, 2021: For those of you anxiously awaiting the March litters I am sorry to say that Mother Nature has other plans. Sometimes, it just doesn't happen  no matter how much money and technology we use:) We are so thrilled to have our little Rupert and encourage you to keep watch for our April/May breedings.

Feb 20, 2021: Please to announce the Arrical of Rupert aka Cincerlee's Fortitude. This special little guy arrived on Feb 20! Proud parents are Cincerlee's Sugar Shack "Maple" and Ch Talisker All ABout the Base "Beau" pictures on the nursery page!

Dec 14, 2020: Thrilled to announce the safe arrival of Our "Are You Being Served" Litter
Truly and Beau invite you to stop by the Nursery Page to meet their flashy kids!

Nov 21, 2020: Swagger (Am./Can Grd Ch Emmy's Simply Orange) and Chrissy (Cincerlee That's My Girl) are pleased to announce the arrival of 2 boys and 2 girls. This litter is co bred with our dear friend Montri Bootnak:) Pictures are up in the Nursery!

Nov. 16, 2020: We are thrilled to welcome the first of our winter litters! Our lovely Tulu- Cincerlee Satisfaction Guaranteed had a smooth delivery of 3 boys and a girl by the handsome BISSS /BISS  Am/Can Grd Ch Laureate Who Knew ROM, ROMC "JP" These extra special puppies arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Check out the Nursery Page for pictures:)

October 28, 2020: Just had a fun photo shoot of our Celebrity Chefs litter which was born Sept 11. Stop by the Nursery for a look:)

October 23, 2020: Keep an eye out for our newest litter annoucements. 

Some very exciting breedings upcoming! 

Oct. 8, 2020: Ian's adventures continue as he heads off to Thailand aka The Land of Smiles to visit our Dear Friend Montri:) Ian will be trying for his Thai Championship and creating some handsome puppies as well. Enjoy your stay Ian!

Sept 11 2020: Thrilled to annouce the arrival of our Celebrity Chefs Litter!

 Proud Parents are Really and Chester! Stop by the Nursary and say Hello!

July 11, 2020: Have been busy  with a special breeding ...fingers crossed for some good news in a few weeks!

July 2, 2020: On my! Did not realize I had not updated for so long- my apologies! Great news! Mary Kay and Iceman are thrilled to announce the arrival of two boys and a girl born June 30th! Stop by the Nursery and meet Our Sandwich litter!

April 3,2020: Another cold Saskatchewan Winter Day...good time to take some  pictures. We have some lovely promising puppies that will be staying on here and we will be uploading pictures this weekend.

April 2,2020: Bittersweet day as we say good bye to David as he heads off to his new life! Boy did he find the perfect family for him! Look for pictures of David and hie new best friend on out enjoying life page.

MARCH 30, 2020: Say hello to Winnie! Winnie comes to us through the generosity of my Dear Friend Trisha Forsyth  of Braewick Miniature Dachshunds. She is not destined for the Show Ring but she is definitely destined for a place in my heartFor those of you that are curious she is a White Factored Cream Dapple which is similar to the colour headed white in the Sheltie World. I think she is pretty special and Nash obviously agrees!

Feb 9.2020: Break out the Hot Wings! It was our Superbowl Sunday here today! Westminster Kennel Club Best of Breed Judging commenced this morning. A lifelong dream for most Breeders to get to Westminster. Quite an achievement! What a great afternoon rooting on our favourite dogs while playing with puppies! The perfect day:) Group Judging on TV tomorrow night. 

Jan 28, 2020: Ashley had a little free time on her hands (and a few costumes) so she did a photo shoot with the with Olaf and the FROZEN gang! OMG...seriously cute! Check out the Nursery page for a smile.

Jan 22, 2020: That's a wrap for puppy season around here! Welcome to the Bobbsey Twins litter! Sired by Wess- BISS AM/Can Grd Ch Crinan Executive Decision CGN and Maddie - Cincerlee's Truly Madly Deeply. 

Jan 17, 2020: So pleased to welcome 2 new additions! Peaches - Cincerlee's Fuzzy Navel gave birth two 2 lovely boys! Proud Papa is Urban.- Ch. Attridge Urban Legend. Rocky and Bullwinkle are doing great! 

Jan 15, 2020: A very cold day here at Cincerlee with Wind chills  to -50...brrrh! The Sheltie don't seem to mind. I'm am keeping them warm and toasty with me on the couch today.

Jan 8, 2020: A very snowy day here and Becky decided it was the perfect time snuggle down and deliver her puppies! After an very easy 3 hour labour our Beautiful Becky has 7 (4girls and 3 boys) beautiful sable & white puppies!Proud Daddy is our visiting Stud Wess! Visit this pretty family in our Nursery:)

Whew! Finally found a few moments to review 2019:

We had a fun year at Cincerlee and really enjoyed bringing some new faces into the crazy world of Conformation! Pat and Larry with Colby have jumped in with both feet with Pat quickly becoming a very adept back comber and Larry handling Colby with great finesse! Darryl and Anne have been bitten by the Show Bug as well and their lovely girl Twix has done very well for them this year. We can always count on them to have fresh Garlic Sausage on hand at ringside. Candace and Michael are new Sheltie Enthusiasts who are very eager assistants! Candace handled for her first time in November and did a lovely job. They are waiting for a Show Puppy to call their own. Krista joined in the ring prep in November and she is a natural!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Connie and  Trish who despite have their own Breeds to Show, are an integral part of our Cincerlee ringside Crew….many hands make light work!

We are so happy to have such a busy set up at the Shows and really enjoy all the laughs, help, and most importantly, baked goods around the set up. Just bear in mind that it is a big learning curve and it’s OK to make mistakes along the way. Laugh it off and try again!

This year we were pleased to achieve 3 New Grd Champions:

 Grd. Champion Braewick Cincerlee Acapella “Mary Kay”

Grd Ch Cincerlee’s Living Proof “Viva”

Grd Ch. Cincerlee’s Simmer Din owned by Trisha Forsyth

2019 also brought us 3 New Cincerlee Champions

Ch. Cincerlee Agile Aristotle “Aris” owned by Rene Hughes

Ch. Cincerlee’s Guilded Truffle “Gilda” owned by Montri Boonak

Ch. Cincerlee’s Shenanigans “Snickers”

Special Thanks goes out to Terry Bernier, Connie Krohn, Trina Neil, and Tammy Sawatsky for your beautiful presentation of our kids this year<3

Congratulations to all our our Cincerlee family whose dogs have achieved success in performance and Therapy work in 2019. Please share your 2019 accomplishments on our Cincerlee Page so we can celebrate with you!

Thanks to each and every one of our Cincerlee family, old and new, for making our lives richer and for your unconditional love of our Cincerlee Kids. You are all very special to us. Have  an amazing 2020!

Dec 12, 2019: Ian and Mary Kay are pleased to welcome 5 healthy puppies! Stop by the Nursery for a visit:)

Nov. 28, 2019:Expecting the pitter patter of little paws around Christmas! Proud Parents to be are "Ian" Grd Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication and "Mary Kay" Grd Ch. Cincerlee's Acapella!
Nov. 28, 2019: Finally have a few minutes to catch up on the news from our Prince Albert Kennel Club Show.We had a great weekend with a large, quality entry of Shelties! So pleased that our Visitor "Wess" BISS, BPIS Am Grd Ch ,Can Grd Ch. Crinan Executive Decision CGN (Wess) was awarded a Best Opposite and 2 Select Dogs nd his Handsome son "Ian" RBIS Grd Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication was awarded  Best Opposite and 3 Select Dog Awards. Not to be Forgotten, Our Lovely "Viva" Grd Ch. Cincerlee's Living Proof was awarded Select Bitch under Pat trotter and Mark Houston McMillan! Wowsers! Congrats to Colby Cincerlee's Revival and his Proud Dad Larry for Reserve Winners Dog under Judge Pat Trotter! Great job Larry!. Thanks to all our Cincerlee Crew, Connie, Trish, Pat, Larry, Candace, Pat and Krista for jumping in and handling dogs and Grooming andcan't forget Leanne with her well-timed jokes! We are so lucky to have such great times at the shows:)

Nov. 7, 2019: Thrilled to announce our newest visitor at Cincerlee. Ashley and I are thrilled to announce BISS Am Bronze Ch. MIBISS Am Grd Ch ,Can Grd Ch. Crinan Executive Decision CGN (Wess) . THank you to Evelyn Susin for letting Wess come out for a visit! We hope to have some beautiful Wess babies this Winter:) More details on this guy on the Boys Page.
Sept 4, 2019: Snickers goes Winners Bitch her first day at the Saskatoon Show to complete her Championship!
August 21, 209: Wishing Snickers luck as heads off for BC with   Trina and Connie in search of those last 2 points for her Championship.We will keep you posted!

August 5,2019:Snickers- Cincerlee Shenanigans had a successful weekend at the Alberta Kennel Club show bringing home a Best Puppy in Group, 3 Best Puppy in Breeds, RWB on Friday, Best of Opposite and Best Of Winners on Saturday , and Winners Bitch on Sunday for a total of 8 points! How wonderful to be recognized in such a strong entry! Thank -you Trina and Connie for your great presentation of  our girl!

August 3, It looks like our Lovely Eva is going to be too small for the Show Ring! This dynamic pocket puppy is dynamic and going little girl and she is looking for an awesome family!

Aug 3, 2019: Another great day in Alberta as Snicker's is awarded Best Puppy in Breed:)

August 2, 2019: It's Snicker's turn to hit the Show Ring and it looks like she followed in her Sister's footsteps. Her ring debut with Trina Neil and she got the Nod for Reserve Winners and Best Puppy in Breed in a large Sheltie Entry at Albert Kennel Club!

July 21,2019: So pleased to announce our newest Champion here at Cincerlee! Ch. Cincerlee's Guilded Truffle "Gilda" Gilda finished quickly taking Best of Winners for 3 rings at the Medicine Hat Show. Thanks to Connie and Trina for their wonderful presentation of our girl!

June 24, 2019: Our Nursery is a very active place these days and our litters are growing up fast. So many sweet personalities! We are so lucky! We just updated photos of out Talk Show  and Gabor Sisters litters. Stop by the Nursery for a look!

June 13./2019:  Had a great weekend at the Prairie Canine Association Show where the lovely Twix- Cincerlee's Betwixt and Between picked up 7 points being awarded Best of winners and best Puppy in Breed under 3 Judges! Congratulations to her proud owners Darryl and Anne ...almost a Champion! Special thanks to her Best Buddy Trisha Forsythe who did an awesome job of handling her! Let's not forget her sister Gilda- Cincerlee's Guilded Truffle who was Reserve Winners under 4 Judges this weekend beautifully presented by Trina Neil and Connie Krohn. Wow! Stellar weekend for our redheads:)

June 9, 2019: The Nursery is getting busy as everyone is opening their eyes! Stop by the Nursery for updated pictures.

June 2, 2019: Cincerlee's New Grand Champion has been crowned. Our beautiful Viva is now known as  Grd. Ch. Cincerlee's Living Proof! After taking a year off for motherhood, Viva finished her Grd Ch in 2 weekends beautifully presented by Terry Bernier!

May 27, 2019: Aris and Mary Kay are the proud parents of three beautiful girls! Welcome to the world, Gabor Sisters!Picture on the Nursery Page:)

May 23, 2019: Thrilled to announce  safe arrival of our  "Talk Show Hosts" litter. Truly and Aris a proud parents and Truly had a very easy delivery:) Drop by the Nursery Page and meet them<3

May 12, 2019: Viva had a great time at the Calgary Kennel and Obedience Club Show this weekend! Groomed and presented by her buddy Terry Bernier, she looked amazing as she picked up 14 Grand Champion points in very tough competition! It was fun to meet up with my friends in Calgary. Had a great time visiting with my friend Verona and  seeing her new litter:)

May 5, 2019:Just arrived home from a very busy Weekend at the Hub City Kennel Club Show...First and foremost Thank you to Terri and rest of the Hub City team and all the hours they put into the show. We so much appreciated the Great venue and fantastic Hospitality!

Congratulations to Rene Hughes for her new Champion Cincerlee Agile Aristotle. He had so much fun this weekend and showed his heart out:)

Larry And Pat Stanley were such great help this weekend and we had a great time helping them "learn the ropes" at ringside. Larry made his handling debut this weekend showing Colby -Cincerlee's Revival who did them proud placing in his puppy sweeps class and brought home a first place ribbon for his 12-18 months class all three days. I think we will be seeing much more of these two at the future shows:)

Congrats to Darryl and Anne with their little girl Twix-Cincerlee's Betwixt and Between making her ring debut and taking a first and 2 second in her junior puppy class as well as third in her puppy sweeps class:) She did so well...all those handling classes are paying off!

Ian - Grd Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication had a fantastic time in the ring and decided that being a show dog with Ashley is a great time-makes my heart happy to see him out there clearly enjoying himself.

After taking a year off for mother hood Viva- Ch. Cincerlee's Living Proof ventured out to start work on her Grand Championship and held her own in a fantastic Specials ring!

Ch. Cincerlee's Simmer Din had a great time after her year off and will be out looking for her last Grand Point ...

Last but not least GREAT handling Ashley- the kids looked amazing:)

So many quality Shelties this weekend- what a great entry♥

Special thanks to Pam, Caroline,Connie,and Trish, and the new members of our Cincerlee Family for all your help and making it such a fun weekend

April 23, 2019! Looks like we will hearing the pitter patter of little Sheltie feet around here...confirmed pregnancies Whoo hoo! We will keep you posted.

March 23: Whew! Finally had a few minutes t o catch up on the site: I have been working every day since our Prince Albert Kennel Club Show where our Sassy girl Mark Kay - Ch. Baewick Cincerlee Acapella had a wonderful weekend picking up her Grand Championship in one weekend in very tough competition! She also was given the Nod for Best of Breed and Group 1 by judge Mike Jackman! Our visiting boy Aris-Cincerlee Agile Aristotle earned his first points towards his Championship. Thank you  Terry Bernier for a terrific job of presenting our kids! We also got a little local news coverage on Mary Kay  as well!

Feb 27, 2018: Best of luck to Colbi - Cincerlee's Revival and his parents Pat and Larry as he heads off to the Victoria City Kennel Club Show in the capable hands of  Terry Bernier...have fun guys!

Feb 24,2018: Took some updated photos of our hopefuls "Gilda" and "Snickers" check them out on our hopefuls page.

Feb 18, 2018: Happy Day for Baltus (now known as Chai)  as he heads off with his new Mom , Mary to be spoiled with his new feline friends, Oolong and Earl Grey!

February 4th, 2019: Things were getting a little stale around here! check out the updates on the boys, girls, champions and available dogs pages!

Jan 2, 2018: Just a quick review of our 2018 conformation titles: IAN: Grd CH. Cincerlee's Dedication and #12 Sheltie in Canada in only 3 weekends of showing! MARY KAY: Best Puppy In Show Ch. Cincerlee's Acapella in one weekend! BECKY Ch. Cincerlee's Vanity Fair in 3 weekends. NEVADA: Grd Ch. Cincerlee Avoca Winter Sonnet. Although it was a quiet year in the Show Ring for us,We are so proud of these kids who carried the Cincerlee Banner is our 5 outings this year. Of course, the biggest success of the year was the safe return of Ian after him being lost in the forest for 62 days...It really puts things in perspective. So many people we didn't even know turned out to look for him and our friends who showed up day after day to look for him will never be forgotten! To all our members of the Cincerlee Family both old and new, we wish you much puppy love and happiness for 2019. To our fellow Dog show Peep, thanks for the laugh and support at ringside.It has been truly appreciated! May all your dreams for 2019 come true:) We are fortunate to have some lovely puppies upcoming for 2019 and can't wait to hit the ring! She you at ringside and have a super year!

Nov 26,2018: we had a very successful weekend at the prince Albert kennel Club's All Breed Championship Show...Our Mary Kay did very well getting her Championship in one Weekend topping it off with a Best Puppy In Show! Our lovely boy Colby -Cincerlee's Revival had a great weekend with his new friend Tammy Sawatsky ending with 6 First Place in his Classes and a Reserve placement as well. He learned how to be a big boy Show Dog this weekend! Our lovely Bi black girls Savvy- Cincerlee's Savoir Faire and Maddy-Cincerlee's Mad About You did well with Maddy picking up 3 Reserves and Savvy getting 1 Reserve. We had a great time!

Nov 20, 2018:Gearing up for our Club's All Breed Championship Dog Show. Busy grooming the kids and getting the final touches in place for the show. It's going to be a very busy, but fun few days!

Nov: 20, 2018: Whoo Hoo! Celebrating the installation of our New Internet Server....finally we will be  back on line and active on the  website again!

Nov 9th ,2018: So thrilled to welcome our Flashy Sable Merle Litter! Jax and Becky's ""Gone With The Wind" Litter are upon the Nursery Page...

October 24th , 2018: What a nice way to spend a day off-welcoming the arrival of Viva and Urban's flashy babies! Welcome to the world, Sleepy Hollow kids! Stop by the Nursery and meet them:) Thanks to Viva for whelping during the day!

October 12, 2018: Had a fun day visiting our friend Trisha and playing with the Candy Bar litter. We have some updated pictures of our Candy Bar kids on the nursery page. They are getting active and starting to eat on their own.

Sept 15, 2018: Ch Cincerlee's Simmer Dim "Simmer" is pleased to announce the arrival of 5 healthy puppies Sired by Ch. Talisker Ray of Light "Ray" we are so  excited! Pictures of our Candy Bar litter will be up on the Nursery Page in the next few days:)

Sept 8, 2018: Cannot express our joy! after 61 days Ian has been found!!!! He was 68km away but he is now home safe and sound! Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

July 22, 2018: Finally have a few minutes to catch up on the site. As we have been spending all our free time out looking for Ian, We are very sad to report that there is still no word on Ian. Words can not express the gratitude to everyone who is looking for  him It is amazing to see all of you come out and help. His new family is devastated (as are we) but we are all thinking positive thoughts for his safe return.

July 11, 2018: Very sad and worried to hear that Ian got scared by a lighting storm and escaped from his new home today. We are all worried sick about him and hope he is found soon.

July 7, 2018:A bittersweet day here as we watch our handsome Ian "Grd. Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication" head off to his wonderful new home with the Dubrowski family. As most of you know we are a small kennel and our dogs are house pets. In order for them to get the individual love and attention they deserve (and to make sure they all have room on the bed!) we limit the number of dogs in our household. Ian is a beautiful dog and producer but he just did not enjoy the show ring. As we are very active in the conformation side of the dog world we want our dogs to love and enjoy their time in the Show Ring.We just don't want to push a dog when it isn't truly in his heart to get out there in the ring. So our special man is going to a fantastic family and will be excelling at what he does best...being a great Ambassador for our Breed and giving his unconditional love to some very Special people! We just want all our our Cincerlee Family to know how very fortunate we are as Breeders to have such wonderful, quality families who love and cherish our kids...thank you for choosing to be part of our Cincerlee Family

July1, 2018: Happy Canada Day! Enjoying a day with the gang. The Anne of Green Gables kids had their first bath today and moved into their new, larger play pen...lots to explore:)

June 17, 2018: enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck  with all the Gang! I just love watching them all running around and playing. Braddock is having  a blast jumping out from under the lilac bushes to ambush  anyone who runs by.....

June 15,2018: Great news from The Prairie Canine Academy Show where Ian- Grd Ch Cincerlee's Dedication has been having a successful weekend thus far going Best Of Opposite Sex in three rings and Select Dog in the other. His daughter  Truly-Agile Truly Scrumptious picked up her first points today going Winners Bitch for 2 points! Ashley and the kids are having a great weekend get away!

June 12, 2018: Please bear with us as we work on resolving technical errors with our website...Having issues uploading pictures. 

June 8, 2018: Thrilled to announce the arrival of our "Anne of Green Gables" Litter! Proud Parents are "Ian - Grd Ch Cincerlee's Dedication and "Eden"  Ch Cincerlee's Piece of Paradise. 

May 9, 2018: Jack Jack from our Incredibles litter has become available! This sweet little guy has a special place in my heart as I hand fed him for his first three weeks of life. He is a real cuddle bug with a fun loving side as well. There are videos of him up on our "Puppies and Available Dogs" page.

May 7, 2018: A great day at the Hub City Kennel Club Show where our lovely Becky is awarded Best Of Winners in a huge entry to become Ch. Cincerlee's Vanity Fair!!!! Ashley and Becky looked great together! Well done ladies. This is her Sire Ian's first Champion:) 

May 5 2018: Great day at the Saskatoon and Area Shetland Sheepdog Specialty where our sable girls Truly -Agile Truly Outrageous and Becky - Cincerlee's Vanity Fair both took first in their classes beautifully handled by Ashley! Our sassy Braddock - Cincerlee's Cinderella Man made a successful ring debut following in his mother Viva' footsteps and taking Best Baby Puppy in Specialty:) What a fun day!

April 17, 2018: Exciting new from BC today as Ian Grd Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication came home from the Renaissance Dog Show with 2 Select Dogs, 4 best of Breeds, a Group 2 and a Group 4 in a very competitive Sheltie entry! We are very proud to announce the Ian also qualified for the prestigious Crufts Dog Show under the International Judges! WOW! Terry did a superb job of presenting our boy!

April 10: Wishing Ian - Grd Ch Cincerlee's Dedication good luck as he heads out to BC to visit  his good Buddy Terry and attend a few shows...we're going to miss him and his antics around here!

March 22, 2018: Welcome to our "Incredibles"  Litter  who made their arrival on March 22! These lovely puppies were Sired by Ch. Attridge Urban Legend "Urban" and out of  Grd Ch Cincerlee's Truly Outrageous "Jem".  Stop by the  Nursery  have a visit:)

March 14, 2018: Reflecting on a great weekend at the Prince Albert Kennel and Obedience Club... We are pleased that Ian - Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication had a successful weekend! In 6 rings he was Select Dog in two rings, Best Opposite, Best of Breed in 2 rings and on to a a Group 1 and Group 2 to achieve his Grand Championship:) Thank you to Terry Bernier for your impeccable handling and thanks to Karen Linkletter for all your help and making Ian look so good in the Group and Best In Show Ring :)

Ian's daughter Cincerlee's Vanity Fair "Becky" picked up a 5 point Best of Winners!

March 12: 2018: Bittersweet day as we say good bye to our sweet, sweet Halley aka Ch. Cincerlee's Counting Stars as she heads off to Langley to spend her retirement being totally indulged by Linda! We are so very sad to part with her but we firmly believe in keeping a limited number of dogs and we must endure these heartbreaking moments. Halley will be well loved and the apple of her new owner's eye and she deserves the very best!  All the best Halley!

March 1, 2018: Great news in the mail today as we received Ian's  Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication  OFA results- Hips   Excellent and Elbows  good as well!

March 1, 2018: Introducing Cincerlee's Acapella! "Mary Kay" made her appearance in the wee hours of March 1. Proud parents of our sassy singleton girl are Ch. Ättridge Urban Legend "Urban" and Ch Cincerlee's Simmer Dim "Simmer" Pictures up on the Nursery page soon:)

Feb 7, 2018: A fun vet visit today as all the puppies had their Vaccines, microchips  and health checks. Good news all round and the kids are cleared to meet  their new families!

Feb 4, 2018: Busy time around here as we enjoy the craziness of 11 puppies! So much fun but lots of work too! These babies will be heading out to their new families next week and a couple will be staying on here...

Jan 6, 2017: After a very hectic Holiday Season, I finally have a few moments to reflect back on 2017...Although we did not have a a lot of show this year we were so pleased to have Cincerlee kids on both Coasts of Canada finish their Championships this year! CH. Cincerlee's Atlantic venture "Howie" owned by Sunnyseas Shelties finished his Championship and earned his Herding Instinct Title. On the West Coast "Nevada" Ch. Cincerlee Avoca Winter Sonnet owned by Avoca Shelties,achieved her Championship and is working on her Grand! Ch. Cincerlee's Simmer Dim co-owned with Trish Forsyth  Picked up Gr Ch points in her only two ring appearances this year. Our Jem Became Grand Ch, Cincerlee's Truly Outrageous earning her Grand Championship in only two weekend of showing.  We are so proud of her:) Our handsome boy Ian Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication entered only one show this year picked up a Select Dog and Best Opposite in a huge Specials Class and he is well on his way to his Grand Championship! His daughter Cincerlee's Vanity Fair "Becky" had a promising start to her career winning Best Baby Puppy in Group and 4 points in a very competitive Bitch Class at the end of the year. Our performance kids on the Island continue to do us proud and earned many new titles this year. I am so thankful for all of you who support us and share your hearts with our dogs. We are so very blessed and thankful for our ever-growing Cincerlee family and wish each and every one of you much happiness in 2018!

Dec 14, 2017: Exciting day around here as we welcome the arrival of our Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Litter!

Viva is doing great! Come and visit the Nursery will be posted tomorrow:)

Dec 11th, 2017: Ian -Ch Cincerlee's Dedication and Halley-Ch. Cincerlee's Counting Stars are pleased to announce the arrival of 7 healthy puppies! Head over tot he Nursery page and visit the "It's A Wonderful Life "Litter!

Nov 27. 2017: What a fantastic weekend we had a the Prince Albert Kennel Club Show! We had a great time socializing with our "Dog friends" and talking dogs all weekend. Our young Ian daughters did us so proud Cincerlee's Vanity Fair "Becky" won her class every day as well as Reserve Winners in 4 out of 6 rings. She then went on to Win Winners Bitch for 4 points! Wow! Her half sister Agile Truly Scrumptious "Truly" won her class every ring as well and was given the nod for Reserve Winners Bitch on Sunday! Now we concentrate on our two lovely litters due in the upcoming couple of weeks:)

Nov 19, 2017: Busy times around here this week as we prepare for our Semi annual Prince Albert Kennel and Obedience Club Show. It will be so fun to see all the Shelties entered and catch up with Friends! 

Nov 19, 2017: Bittersweet day as we say good bye to Mr. Darcy as he heads to his fantastic new home. We will be watching his agility career with great interest! Thank you Shelley for giving him such an awesome home:)

Sept 3, 2017: We are so pleased to announce the arrival of Agile's Truly Scrumptious "Truly". This sassy little redhead is an Ian daughter (Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication) and her  Dam is a daughter of our Aiden ( Ch. Crinan Talk of the Town). Her pedigree is a nice blend of our favourite dogs. We would like to thank Rene Hughes of Agile Shelties for sharing this little beauty with us! Pictures soon!

Sept 2,2017: How nice to get this message today! "We are pleased to announce a new Canadian champion here at Sunnyseas. Today at the Halifax kennel club show our 9 1/2 month old bi-black male puppy, finished his championship with a best of winners.. He is now Can. Ch. Cincerlee's Atlantic Venture, Howie.. sire Ch. Attridge Urban Legend (USA ) dam Ch. Cincerlee's Truly Outrageous. Howie was bred by Liana Maloney and is owned by myself and Renee Morris..Howie got his H.I.T. last weekend and will now be doing some fun things until he is mature.. Thanks to Liana for trusting us with this sweet boy.. and to Renee for showing him and everyone else who has helped with Howie." Congrats to Linda Hope Schrader of Sunnyseas Shelties !

August 27, 2017:The Cincerlee Crew had a great Weekend at the Saskatoon Kennel and Obedience Club Show! Darcy Cincerlee's Full Dark No Stars took first in a competitive puppy class on Friday and "learned the ropes" of being at the show. Ch. Cincerlee's Simmer Dim was beautifully handled to a Select and Best Opposite for 8 Grand Champion points by her proud owner Anni. Our baby puppy "Cincerlee's Vanity fair (Becky)Took Best Baby Puppy in Breed and Group on Saturday :)  Our pretty blue girl Jem Ch Cincerlee's Truly Outrageous had a successful Specials debut picking up 18 Grand Champion points, including a Best of Breed, Group 4th and Best Opposite at the Sheltie Booster:) Jem was beautifully presented by Terry Bernier. Had lots of fun spending time with old friends, meeting new ones and sharing a few laughs!

August 19, 2017: Eden and Ian are pleased to announce the arrival of the 3 boys and 2 girls! We have been waiting for this breeding for a LONG time! Go visit our Modern Family Pritchett Litter on the Nursery Page!

July15, 2017- Ultrasound visit to the Vet today-mixed results. Looks like Simmer and Jem's Breeding didn't take which is unfortunate but the exciting news is that we are expecting some Ian/Eden puppies! Very exciting pedigree as it is combining our Relic's BPIS Ch Candega's Beachcomber's bloodline to our Talisker Bloodlines. Whoo hoo!

May 21, 2017: Off to Edmonton to take Jem to meet her handsome boyfriend...

May 18, 2017: Congratulations to Renee Hughes of Agile Shelties for her beautiful sable litter that arrived today! The "Cookie Crumbs" litter of 4 boys and 2 girls is sired by Ian Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication and the Dam is Ambrose who is a daughter of Aiden Ch.  Crinan Talk of the Town! Whoo Hoo!

May 17, 2017: Cincerlee kids were busy from Coast to coast this weekend! In Nova Scotia , Cincerlee's Atlantic Venture"Howie" had his debut in the junior puppy class at the Dartmouth Kennel Club handled by his buddy Rene. Although he did not recieve the point, he showed like a rock star and had a great time! Thanks to his owners Paul, Todd, and Linda for his great socialization and training. It really shows!

On the other Coast at Tyee Kennel Club Cincerlee Avoca Winter Sonnet was given the nod for Best Of Winners and Best Puppy In Breed for 4 points from the Junior Puppy Class Under Judge Micheal Hill! Congrats to proud owner/handler Deborah Innes:)

In Calgary our Sassy but hairless Ch. Cincerlee's Living Proof Viva was awarded Select bitch in a Beautiful Specials line up for 4 Grand Points Under breeder Judge William Byrnes. Special thanks to Hannah Campbell for presenting her to perfection! I was a proud Mom:)

Thanks to all our Cincerlee family for taking our dogs into the ring but, most importantly, into your hearts!

May 11, 2017: Said good bye to Lyra to day as she headed to her new home at Cedarmyst Shelties with Jody Waldie. This lucky girl will be sharing the household with Mala, Mystique , and (Jean Daniel of course!) Have fun Lyra and we will see you at ringside!

May 6, 2017: Some days you're the dog and some days you're the hydrant.....wasn't our day in the Show ring today but we sure had fun hanging out with our Dog show friends and "Talking dogs". Hub city puts on a great show with lots of vendors  so we can visit and shop when we aren't busy with the dogs!

May  5 , 2017: Had great day at the Saskatchewan and Area Shetland Sheepdog Specialty! It was great to see Phoebe ":Ch. Talisker Miss Sunshine Strutting her stuff in the Dam and Progeny Class with  Ch. Cincerlee's Dedication "Ian" and Cincerlee White Rode "Halley "

April 16, 2017: Wishing all of you a very Happy Easter! We will be spending it with our family, both 2 and 4 legged!

Jan 25, 2017: Just returned from the Alberta Shetland Sheepdog and Collie Association Specialty in Calgary where Ian Ch, Cincerlee's Dedication made his debut as a Special at the tender age of twelve months. Wow were we surprised when he was given the nod for Select Dog in the first ring over some very wonderful Specialty Winning Dogs! We were more thrilled to see him go in the All Breed Ring and get awarded Best Opposite over the same quality packed Specials class of Dogs! Wow! We are so excited!

Jan 16, 2016: Had a few moments to reflect on our year. We did not go to a lot of shows but we finished 4 Champions this year! Our first Champion was Ch. Cincerlee Walkin' In Hgh Cotton "BoWeevil" who finished his Championship in three weekends out including a reserve Winnors dog at the BC Sheltie Specialty along the way:) He then went top pick up Best Puppy In Specialty in April and he became BPIS CH. Cincerlee Walkin' In High Cotton. Next came New Ch. Cincerlee's Truly Outrageous "Jem" who finished in two weekends!Our Blackberry kids did great for us this year! Our Wess and Phoebe kids did fantastic as well with Ian finishing his Championship at 11 months with a Puppy group and group 2 and reserve Best Puppy in Show! His litter mate Cincerlee's Simmer Din Is one point away from her Championship and took a Best Baby Puppy In Show! We were also thrilled to have our little girl out of Bijou- her only daughter "Viva." She made her ring debut at the very competitive Canadian National weekend and picked up 9 points in two days. She finished with a puppy group her next weekend out. At the prestigious Canadian Nationals we had our first in Class placement with Cincerlee's Simmer Din and a Second in Class placement with Viva Ch. Cincerlee's Living Proof, Our three musketeers on the Island Jan, Lynn, and Jodie continued their winning ways in the performance ring. In the BC Interior Dyanne and Joey picking up their Master agility Dog Title! Proud Breeder here! You guys are all awesome! (I will be updating the performance page soon as these guys are winning so many titles it is hard to keep up!) Best of all our Cincerlee Family has grown and we have been so fortunate to have met all of you and to have you welcome our kids into your homes! All the Best for a wonderful 2017 for all of you!!

Dec 24, 2016: Some sad news to share this morning. Our Little Friar Tuck has passed. He was eating and wrestling with his "sick ward" Buddy Leonard right up until yesterday morning. After he ate breakfast yesterday, he gave me a look and I knew he was telling me it was time for him to go. He went to the Rainbow Bridge at 4:30 this morning. See you at the bridge little buddy and thank you for six weeks of unconditional love♥

Dec 18, 2016: Our little Leonard is doing well and is eating on his own now! His li'l buddy Friar Tuck is still tiny but is growing strong and eating on his own too! Love these little guys!

Dec 18, 2016: Whoo Hoo! We are pleased to welcome Eskarina's beautiful  sable litter ! We have posted pics of our "Christmas Vacation" litter on the Nursery Page. 4 boys and 1 girl...Clark, Eddie, Rusty, Rocky and Ellen!

Nov 26, 2016: Successful Morning at the Show where Cincerlee's Simmer Dim was awarded Winners Bitch for 2 points. Thank you Terry Bernier for your beautiful presentation of Simmer this morning! She is sitting on 9 points!...1 more to go...

Nov.26, 2016: Our little Bijou baby has grown up! Viva had a great weekend at the Prince Albert Show where she was given the nod for Best Opposite, Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Group under Donna Conad for 4 points Saturday to finish. Thank you toTerry Bernier for your great presentation of our girl! Today Viva was proudly handled by Ashley to Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Group under judge Harold Pybus for a nice start on her Grand!

Nov 25th Well what can I say we did have a great afternoon at least! Had so much fun with Ian.Cincerlee's Dedication. Who this afternoon took Best of Breed, Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed! Then went on to win a very nice group 2nd and Best Puppy in Group! This is also finished his Championship.

Nov. 25, 2016:Fantastic show this morning when Cincerlee's Simmer Dim was given the nod for Best of Winners for a huge 4 point win proudly handled by proud owner Trish Forsythe:)

Nov. 20, 2016: We have posted new pictures of the USA litter on the Nursery Page. Little Carolina and Georgia will be available to great pet homes:) These little beauties are colour headed whites and will retain their beautiful white with sable markings:)

Nov.20, 2016- Well we have had a busy week around here. Despite our Sheltie Mom's best efforts sometimes their little puppies have a hard time getting started in life. We have been hand feeding Leonard and Friar Tuck for the past week. Leonard sems to have gained some ground last night by gaiing 12 grams! Friar Tuck is still fighting but still remains at 5.5 oz which was his birth weight,Keep these little guys in your thoughts and prayers. 

Nov 12, 2016: We have had a busy few days here at Cincerlee with the arrival ofour much anticpated litters! Some disappointments, some lovely easy deliveries and a C- section have made for some emotional rollar coaster rides here! Now we are sick with the flu:( I will be posting pictures of the new arrivals and contacting everyone on the puppy list in the next day or two.Thank you for your patience!)

Oct 26, 2016: Wow! What an exciting day ...the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog National Show is finally here! Spending the day at ringside watching beautiful Shelties all day long! Life is good... The icing on the cake was Viva getting the nod for 2nd in Senior Puppy Class. Our beautiful sable girl Cincerlee's Simmer Dim "Simmer" owned by our good friend Trish Forsyth won the Canadian Bred Class and was pulled for Winners Bitch and Best Puppy! Wow! What an honour to be  recognized by one's peers. Thanks Terry Bernier for his great handling of our girls:)

Oct 25, 2016: One more time in the ring today and Viva is given 3rd in her class at the Edmonton Regional Sheltie Show under  Breeder Judge Joyce Van Kirk   Whoo hoo!

Oct. 24, 2016: At the Canadian Regional Sheltie Specialties today Viva did us proud getting the Nod for 2nd and 3rd in her very competitive Senior Puppy Class Under Breeder Judges Lisa and Lloyd Grasier! 

Oct 23, 2016: So very happy to hear that Viva picked up 5 more points today in Camrose! We are so proud of our girl!10 points in 2 days!

Oct 22, 2016: thrilled to hear that Viva was awarded Best Of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed in Camrose today! This is a very competitive show gearing up to the Canadain National on Wednesday so we are proud of our girl! Of course, it can't happen without a talented handler to bring out the best in her! Thank you Terry:)

Oct 21, 2016: Very exciting news today as we hear that our Viva Cincerlee's Living Proof made her Ring Debut in the Senior Puppy Class with her new buddy Terry Bernier and was awarded a 5 point Best Of Winners and Best Puppy In Breed for a 5 point win! Very thrilling in such a competitive venue!

Oct. 16, 2016: They are here! Phoebe and Keaton's beautiful  puppies arrived at 11 pm yesterday! We thrilled to announce the arrival of our USA litter (Georgie, Virginia, Carolina, Mntana, and Indiana all arrived, safe and sound:) Great job Phobe! Be sure to visis them onthe nursery page!

October 15, 2016: Updating the website on a chilly October afternoon while chillin' with Phoebe. We are both anxious for her Puppies to arrive!

Oct 1, 2016: Shedding some tears as we say good bye to our wonderful Bowen Ch. Cincerlee's Dragonheart. We are a small kennel and only keep a limited number of dogs so they can all get the attention they deserve. When it is time for them to move on to a new home we are so thrilled when it is a family like the Boutilliers! Bowen is going to be the center of their household and will enjoy having two boys of his own! Have fun buddy! You deserve it!

Sept 11, 2016: Having coffee and watching the gang play ! Life is good:) I have been getting some great pictures of our dogs  enjoying life and I appreciate every one of them. Keep them coming in so we can share your pride and joy with everyone else!

August 28, 2016: Great day at SKOC  Show in Saskatoon today where  Our charming Ian Cincerlee's Dedication was awarded Winners Dog at the Saskatoon and Area Shetland Sheepdog Booster under Breeeder Judge Guy Jeavons. 1/2  way there at 7 months!

August 4, 2016 Congratulations to Deborah Innes of Avoca Shelties for her pretty blue puppy Avoca''s Apple of My Eye who has earned 2 Championship points and a Best Puppy In Group on Vancouver Island SHows this week. How nice to see Richie's kids do so well in the ring!

July 23, 2016: It was Hamish's (Cincerlee Braewick Coup d etat ) turn to shine today taking winners Dog in Both rings. Our Pretty new Ch, Cincerlee's Truly Outrageous "Jem" make a brief ring appearance was was given Best Opposite and Best Puppy In Breed today! Thanks to Karen Linkletter for the fun times and help with the photo shoot today:)

July 22:2016: Fantastic day at Medicine Hat where our Sable kids made their debut at 6 months and 1 week old. Cincerlee's Dedication "Ian" did us proud by taking Best of Winners and Best Puppy In Breed in both rings today for 4 points! Not to be out done his sister CIncerlee's Simmer Dim "Simmer" was given thenod for Winners Bitch in both rings today for 2 points! 

June 20, 2016:Please join us in congratulating our good friend Trish Forsyth for her two Best Baby Puppy in groups and her BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW under judge Olga Gange today with her pretty puppy Cincerlee' Simmer Dim! Thank you Trish for making Simmer Shine and for your excellent care and conditioning of her :)

June 19;2016 Very pleased to annouce new Ch. Cincerlee' Truly Outrageous "Jem"Who picked up 7 points from the puppy classes to finish at the tender age of 9 months. Special thanks to Trish Forsyth for  steppingin when I couldn't show her and her daughter Anni for a great camping weekend!

May 28, 2016: Eyes are open on the puppies check out our updated pics on the Nursery Page:)

May 12,2016: We are thrilled to annouce the arrival of our Charlie & The Chocolate Factory Litter! Please visit our new arrivals on the Nursery Page.

May 11, 2016: X-Ray shows  the Halley  and Bowen will be expecting the pitter patter of many little paws this week as her x-ray shows 5-6 puppies!

May 7, 2016: A dream come true for Ashley as she proudly handled Ch.Cincerlee Walkin' In High Cotton "BoWeevil" to Best Puppy in Specialty at the Saskatoon and Area Shetland Sheepdog Association. To recevie this recognition by a breeder Judge (Sukie Greendale-Paveza) is quite an honour:)

May 7, 2016: We were so pleased that Bijou's little girl "Viva" had a spectacular ring debut going Runner up In Puppy Sweeps under Breeder Judge Cathy Reid and Best Baby Puppy In Specialty under Judge Sulie Greendale-Paveza! Wow!

April 23, 2016: Very excited to announce that our ultrasound yesterday confirmed  that Halley and Bowen will be hearing the pitter patter of little  paws the third week in May!

April 23, 2016: Fingers crossed for the Sires of our puppies as they complete for the coveted Best of Breed at the American National sheltie Specialty in Reno Today! It is a very tough competition with over 500 Shelties entered. Am./Can/ Grd Champion Crinan Executive Decision "Wess" (sire of our Beautiful "Modern Family "Dunphy litter) and "Berry" Am. Can Grd Ch. Linkridge Blackberry (sire of our Bo Wevil, Jem, and Viva) will be strutting their stuff !Good luck boys!

April 11.2016: It's now Ch. Cincerlee Walkin In High Cotton! Bo Weevil was awarded Winners Dog under Judge Edward Bajona today to finish his Championship at just 7 months old! Special thanks to Terry Bernier and his team for their great care and presentation of Bo.

April 10, 2016: Great news from BC where Bo Weevil was awarded Winners Dog today under Judge  Kim Ramey Le close to this Championship...fingers crossed for tomorrow! Presented by his Buddy Terry Bernier:)

April 10, 2016: We took some updated pictures of our PopStars litter today. Wow! they sure have sweet little expressions! Take a look at these cuties in the Nursery!

April 9 2016:What happened to good manners and Sportmanship? It seems that our recent litter and Wins have caused some "Collegues" to start some rumours and lies about us...what a shame. We choose to take the high road and try to shake that stuff off. Some days it is very hard though :(

April 9th 2016:So very proud of Bo Weevil today as he was given the Nod for Reserve Winners Dog under respected Judge Ekarat Sangkunakup from Nakhonprathom, Thailand at the SHetland Sheepdog Club of BC Specialty! Thank you Terry Bernier for presenting him so beautifully!

April 3, 2016: Well, it seems our Bo Weevil had a great week end at the Red Deer Show with Terry Bernier taking 2nd in his class 2 days and picking up Winners Dog for 4 point under Judge Wendy Maisey! So proud of him!

March 27, 2016: Happy Easter Everyone! Just got word from Vancouver Island where our three performance buddies, Gracie, Siri, and Mystique have been having some fun at Agility:  In their first AAC Agility trial, three Cincerlee girls did amazingly!!  Gracie with handler, Jan, qualified in their first two standard runs, placing second in their class.  Gracie is now one run short of her first agility title!!  Mystique and handler Jody, qualified in one standard run, placing third and then did a beautiful jumpers run to qualify and finish first!  And Siri with handler Lynn, placed third in their jumpers run!  Loads of fun and lots of learning.  Very grateful to our trainer, Dorothy for helping us with strategies and helping us pull the whole thing together! Congrats!

March 25, 2016: Thrilled to announce the arrival of our Pop Stars litter! Nicki has a speedy delivery and we have 6 strong healthy puppies!Go and see them on the Nursey Page! 

March 14, 2015: Saying good bye to our Dunphy kids as they venture off to their new homes. It is so great to watch their new families as they cuddle their new  best friend! That is a very rewarding sight to see as a Breeder:) Have fun everyone and keep us posted on your progress.

March 7 2015: We had a super weekend at the Prince Albert Show! Lots of fun and friends and dogs:) Our lovely Eden-Ch. Cincerlee's Piece of Paradise took Best Of Opposite Sex in each ring she entered earning 16 Grand Championship points her first weekendout as a Special! So proud of our girl! Our "Berry" babies made their ring debut and looked amazing with Ashley handling them! BoWeevil made us proud taking a 3 point Winners win in very tough compeition. Out lovely Eskarina won her class in 5 out of 6 rings and took Reserve Winners as well. Special thanks to the talented Terry Bernier for making Esk look her best!!!

Feb 29, 2016: Busy week around here as we are getting ready for our All Breed Championship Show on March 4,5,6! Also enjoying getting the puppies out and about a little to socialize and play with their new toys:)

Feb 22, 2016: New pictures of the puppies up on the Nursery page:)

Feb 15, 2016: Exciting day around here as it is Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York! This is our Superbowl! It is even more exciting this year as two of the  Dogs competing are our puppies Sires! Am. Can  Grd. Ch Crinan Executive Decision "Wess" He is the Sire of the Dunphy Litter  and Am. Ch. Can Grd Ch. Linkridge Blackberry CGN "Berry"(the sire of  Bo Weevil, Jem, Faith and Jude)  are there! We wish both of these beautful dogs best of luck in the Big Apple!

Jan 20, 2016: It has been a rough couple of weeks here at Cincerlee with the unexpected passing of my father. We were very close and he was a huge supporter of his "Grand Shelties" He came to many shows and cheered us on through the years. His mantra of "Stay true to your ideal Sheltie and Breed for what you feel is important in the Breed-not just something that will win" will stay with us always. Thanks Dad <3 In the midst of my father's passing we also had a beautiful litterof sable puppies! 2 boys and 3 girls ! Visit the Dunphy Litter on the Nursery Page.  Our beautiful Bijou had her litter during this time and unfortunately she got a mild infection in her milk and lost 4 puppies. We are still nursing the 2 remaining pups Jude and Faith around the clock and need all the positive thoughts we can get! I know there are many of you waiting for puppy news and it will take us a week or so before we can touch base with all of you with news. We appreciate your understanding during this diffuclt time.

Jan 4 2016: Reflecting on a great year! Although we didn't spend much time in the ring this year. We did get to a couple of shows and finished two beautiful sables Ch. Cincerlee's Dragonheart "Bowen" and Ch. Talisker Miss Sunshine "Phoebe" We bred some lovely litters and have some great puppies for 2016! The best part of 2016 was meeting all our New Cincerlee Family members! We are so very blessed to have great families like you to choose one of our special dogs to share your lives! Thank you:) Remember we love updates!Wishing each of you very Happy 2016!

Dec 15, 2015: Huge news! We are very thrilled to announce that Bijou had been confirmned pregnant! She is expecting a lovely litter buy AM Gnd Can Grd CH.  Linkridge Blackberry

Nov 20, 2015! Even more exciting as our handsome boy "Bowen" gets the nod today and completed his championship! He is know Ch. Cincerlee's Drgonheart:)

Nov 20, 2015: What an exciting show! Richie's first Son Finished with a 4 point win from the open male class! Congrats to Gwen Kreinke on her handsome dog Ch. SittinPretty Elixer from Ksara!

Nov 16, 2015: Getting everyone all groomed up and packing the gear for our Prince Albert Kennel Club Championship Show. It will be a busy week as there is still lots to do! 

Nov 15, 2015: Busy week here! Sent two of our girls out for very special breedings! Fingers crossed for exciting litter announcements in a month or so....

Nov. 8. 2015: Took some updated photos of Bo and Jem today- check them out on the hopeful's page...

Nov 1, 2015: A few tears shed here today as we say Goodbye to our visiting girls "Evie" Belmark Stitch In Time and her daughter ""Mia".  We knew they were only here for a short time but still, it will be wierd to wakeup tomorrow and not have Mia bouncing all over the bed when the alarm goes off....Safe travels girls<3

Oct 27, 2015: Just uploaded someupdated pictures of the "Keeping up Appearances" Litte r to the Nursery Page- check them out!

Oct 10, 2015: Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Lots of Cincerlee Kids looking forward to their  Turkey this week end....

Sept 13, 2015: It`s that time of year again....time to sign up for your local obedience or training classes. Training is the best way to bond with your dog and encourage proper socialization  skills. It lots of fun! 

Sept 6, 2015: Had a great day in Saskatoon where I judged the Junior Handling Competition. It was so great to see the talented kids we have coming up in the Sport! My overall Winner today was a young lady who did a fantastic job Handling her Cairn Terrier Puppy:)

Sept 2, 2015: Getting pretty quiet around here as the Cocktail Litter heads to their new homes this week :) Lots of happy faces this week.

Aug 17, 2015: Check out the new pictures of the Cocktail Litter on the Nursery Page...adorable!

Aug 1, 2014: The Cocktail litter is up at em'....Check out their video on the Sheltie Cinema page!

July 30th 2014: New photos up on the Nursery Page of the Waltons and the Cocktail Litter! I Also posted a video of the Walton's gang having fun! Look for the video in our Sheltie Cinema page:)

July 28, 2014: Just returned from the Medicine Hat Dog Show where our Phoebe Ch. Talisker Miss Sunshine finished her puppy career  with Two Best of Breeds and Two Best Puppy in Breeds!

uly 22, 2014: New pictures of the Cocktail litter up on the Nursery Page. These cuties have their eyes open now:)

July 17, 2015: New pictures of the Waltons litter up on the Nursery page. They are getting so active!

July 10, 2015: Heavy hearts this morning as we announce the passing of little Mai Tai despite our best efforts...sometimes nature has other plans. It is hard being a Breeder on days like this:( 

July 7, 2015: So thrilled to announce the arrival of our 7 healthy puppies  born today to Halley and Leroy! Check out our "Cocktail" Litters on the Nursery Page:)

July 6th 2015: Halley's Temp has dropped Looks like the puppies will be on their way soon!!!

July 5, 2015: The Walton's eyes have all opened new pics on the Nursery Page!

June 22, 2015: Bowen and Nicki are happy to announce the safe arrival of 4 girls and 3 boys! Nicki is a super Mom:) Stop by the Nursery page and meet the Waltons litter!

June 21, 2015: I found this wonderful quote today by Conventry Corgis and it really resonated with me so I thought I'd share it "This is not a hobby. It is late nights and early mornings. It is struggle, it is triumph. It pushes boundaries and tests your abilities daily. One moment it exposes your weaknesses only to let your work shine its brightest the next. It is not for everyone. it's hardly for anyone. But in that moment when it all comes together for a breeder that moment is worth all the hard work and sacrifice. It is as necessary as breath, as the blood in your and their veins. No. This is not a hobby. It is a way of life."

June 20, 2015: Took some updated photos of Bowen today...check them out on his page under "Boys"

June 20, 2015: Just got home from a great weekend and Prairie Canine academy Show. Our lovely  "Phoebe" is now Ch, Talisker Miss Sunshine as she was awarded Best of, Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and a Group 3rd Under Honey Glendinning for 5 points to complete her Championship! In the next ring she was given the Nod for Best of Breed under judge Pat Cummings. Judge Barbara Heal awarded her Select Bitch today so she came home a great start to her Grand Championship! Our handsome Bowen was given the nod for reserve Winners under Honey Glendinning. We are so thrilled as it was very tough competition this weekend!

June 17, 2015:  Nicki has her x-ray to day and it look like her puppies are arriving in 10 days or so! Posted a video of the gang having a romp on our Sheltie Cinema Page... check out what fun we have every day- so lucky:)

June 3, 2015: Went for ultrasounds on Halley and Nicki today and it was so exciting to see the puppies! Man- Nicki's pups were very active! Halley's were still tiny but they were definately there... Two beautiful litters on the way!!!

June 3, 2015: We are so pleased to welcome "Mabruk" and "Eskarina" into our home! These beautiful blues are the result of  a Breeding by our Friend Trish Forsyth at Braewick! The Dam is a Muse Daughter Cincerlee Braewick Lavish Lace "Shay" and the Sire is our own Apple Acres Nouveau Riche Richie"  Check out our hopefuls page for pics!

May 19, 2015: Whew! Finally feeling better and have a day off...updated the site:)Check out our "enjoying life" page! We love to get photos and updates (if you sent a photo and it isn't posted please let me know...sometimes I loose them on my hard drive) Bowen and Nicki now have their own pages as well. Looking promising on the puppy front and Nicki is feeling plump...fingers crossed!

May, 6 2015: We had a great weekend at the Saskatoon Area Shetland Sheepdog Association Specialty and Hub City Shows where our Handsome Leroy made his Specials Ring Debut with Ashley picking up Select Dog at the Specialty and Best Opposite at the Herding and Working specialty. He also picked up Select Dog in two other rings earning him 12 points towards his Grand Championship! Way to guys! Not to to be outdone our lovely Phoebe-Talisker Miss Sunshine took points on Sunday and is now halfway to her Championship at the tender age of 8 months:)

April 18, 2015: Took advantage of my day off to take some photos of "Nicki" Cincerlee Sound the Alarm. She is a beautiful girl who is just waiting for her show coat to come in before she goes in the ring. Check our her photos on the girls page.

April 13,2015- Mrs. Brown's Boys got their tatoos today and we did a photo shoot.They are growing fast! New pics on the Nursery Page.

March 31, 2015: Sad times as we say good bye to our beautiful little Zara as she heads back home to Kerrie and Ken. We are going to miss her around here but we know you will be so happy to hold her again...thank you for trusting us with your little girl!

March 27, 2015: So excited to have Leroy back home! We really missed him! Hoping for some lovely puppies as a result if his Island Visit ;0 He is laying across the back of the sofa enjoying life!

March 24, 2015: Received Leroy's OFA hip results in the mail OFA good !

Mar 8, 2015: Bowen and Phoebe both had a great day under judge Grant Townsend. He gave Bowen the nod for Winners Dog for two points and gave Phoebe Best  Of Winners for three points whoo Hoo!

Mar 7, 2015: Maybelline took Best Opposite today and Bowen went Reserve Winners again...nicely done:)

Mar 6, 2014: Richie makes  a successful debut in the show ring picking up 3 points under judge Nancy Popavich! So proud of our tri guy! Maybelline earned a select Bitch and Best Opposite in tough Specials competition and Bowen earned a Reserve Winners Male today. Fun times!

March 2 ,2015:We are thrilled to welcome our Mrs. Brown's Boys litter. Proud parents are Leroy and Shavon! 3 boys and 1 girl:) pictures on Nursery Page.

Feb 28, 2015: New pictures of Elvis and Priscilla are up on the nursery page....check them out:)

Feb, 16, 2015: New pics of the Love Me Tender and Rescuers Litter going up in the Nursery tonight!We  Will be posting some lovely pictures  of Leroy so go check them out on the Boy's Page!

Feb, 14, 2015: Very saddened by the sudden passing of out beautiful Miss Bianca despite our vet's best efforts. Suspect a foreign substance but will not know more until the Necropsy results....our hearts are broken:(

Feb.1, 2014: Just posted the new pics of the Rescuers and Love Me Tender kids...Some really nice puppies there! Check out Georgie's page as well. He has some lovely new photos up there from his glamour shoot with Mz. Juty! Thanks Judy for the amazing photos of our boy! Can't wait until Georgie gets home on Tuesday...we missed him!

Jan 31, 2105: The Rescuers Litter finally decided to open their eyes! Very sweet little expressions.....I will be posting updated pics Sunday night...go take a peek on the Nursery page.

Jan 17, 2015: Very pleased that Zara's first whelping went very smooth. Her and Georgie are the Proud Parents of 3 boys and a Girl !...pop onto the Nursery page and meet the "Rescuers" litter!

Jan 6, 2015: We are thrilled to announce the arrival of our" Love Me Tender" Litter! Elvis and Priscilla are very strong and doing well. Mama Siren is VERY proud of her new babies and really seems to be enjoying the two of them. Pictures are up on the Nursery page.

Dec 31,2014: It has been q memorable year at Cincerlee! 2014 brought us our 27th and 28th  Cincerlee Champions! Ch. Cincerlee's Counting Stars "Halley" and Ch.  Cincerlee's Piece of Paradise "Eden"  We are so blessed and thrilled with  of all of  our Cincerlee Family's successes this year including  our  Richie  (Apple Acres Nouveau Riche) kids starting out successful show careers this year! Congratulations to Barb Loitz  & Ksenia's Prim and Proper, Karen Fairbairn & Cincerlee's Polar Express, Gwen Kreinke & Sittinpretty's Elixer for Ksara  and Trish Forsythe  & Cincerlee Braewick Lavish Lace for a great year with your puppies:) We look forward to seeing them i n 2015! On the performance side we had some big accomplishments from the 3 amigos  on Vancouver Island Where Mystique completed a hat trick for three qualifying runs to gain her Rally Obedience Excellent Title , Gracie earned her Rally Obedience Advanced Title with three High is Class scores and Mala completed his Rally Excellent! 2014 also bought the arrival of two handsome young males to our Stud Force:The sassy Leroy -Ch. Greendor's Bad Leroy Brown  and the charming Georgie - Apple Acres Amarillo Bi Morning. Both these boys have puppies on the way so we can't wait to see them hit the ring is 2015!Of course, the most thrilling news of all - our Beautiful Bijou Grd. Ch Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou ending  the year as #1 Shetland Sheepdog in Canada!!!  Words cannot express our gratitude to Terry Bernier and Brett Siborne  for welcoming Bijou into their hearts and home. We missed our Blue eyed beauty terribly this year but seeing her and Terry together ,I don't think she missed us as much as we missed her ;0  Thank you Terry, for believing in Bijou and for your dedication to her flawless presentation  all year! To all our friends, old and new; With a passing year, shall pass the pains and troubles of the past. Stop thinking about the times that are gone and instead focus on the future ! We wish you all  a great 2015!

Dec 30,2014: So excited to announce that Georgie (Apple Acres Amarillo Bi Morning and Zara (Cincerlee's One For The Angels) are expecting their first litter due Mid Jan! Can't wait to welcome these little gems into the world:)

Dec 25, 2014: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Dec 20, 2014: Bijou and Terry have been strutting their stuff at the Auld Lang Syne Show in B.C. Bijou had picked up two Select Bitch wins in Strong competition! Shout out to Terry Bernier for his flawless presentation of our beautiful girl! You guys looks amazing today:)

Dec 18, 2014: Great results from Siren's ultrasound today! Siren is pregnant and due Jan 7th! So excited!!!!

Dec 3, 2014:Just received some cute Christmas pictures of our Cincerlee kids...please send in your holiday photos and we can out them on the site!

Dec 1, 2014: Disappointing day to find that Maybelline ultrasound show no puppies:(  It is disappointing but sometimes these things happen...waiting for Siren and Maybe's ultrasounds in the next 10 days so hopefully some brighter news coming up!

Nov 15, 2014: Pleased to announce two very nice breedings that have taken place: Our beautiful Siren Ch Rowanglen's Red Alert has been bred to SittinPrettys Black Label "Louie" This breeding is a great cross fault and should give us some very nice sable puppies. Our lovely little Zara "Cincerlee's one for the Angels has been bred to "Georgie" Apple Acres Amarillo Bi Morning. SO excited for this litter expecting blue merles, tri colours, bi blues and bi blacks ( any combination !)

Nov 9th 2014: Great news from Vancouver Island: The three amigos were at it again on Sunday!! Mystique completed a hat trick of 3 qualifying runs earning her Rally Obedience Excellent title (RE); Gracie earned her Rally Obedience Advanced title (RA) bringing home 3 lovely High in Class rosettes altogether and Mala had a great run today for his second qualifier towards his Rally Excellent title. Loaded with relaxing fun (fit in some amazing hydropath spa time!) for Jan and Jody at the Forbidden Plateau Obedience and Tracking Club's well run CKC Rally Obedience trial!. Really wonderful weekend! Congrats to prous owners Jan and Jody!

Oct 23, 2014: Enjoyed my day off updating the website and doing a photo shoot of Maybelline. Check out her page:)

Oct 22, 2014: Pleased to announce the Maybelline  Grd. Ch. Crinan's Cover Girl has been bred to our dashing boy "Leroy" Ch. Greendor's Bad Leroy Brown...this is a great breeding and we are expecting sables and tris the end of December.  We will keep you posted once we get ultrasound results:)

Oct 13, 2014: Bijou and Terry had an fantastic weekend at the Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers Show . In a Very competitive Breed Ring, Bijou got the Nod for Select Bitch on Friday and Saturday, Best Opposite on Sunday and Best Breed and Group 1 on Monday!!! I hear her and Terry looked AMAZING:) thanks so much Terry!

Oct. 6 1014: We would like to welcome the arrival of Apple Acres Amarillo Bi Morning. "Georgie" He has settled in and made himself right at home! Picture of  him will be up soon!

October 2, 2014: Disappointed to find out that neither of our  breedings took so no puppies this Fall...unusual but it happens on occasion:(

 We will keep you posted on our upcoming breedings

Sept 14 2014: Halley continues her winning ways taking Best Puppy In Breed  under Judge Len Harfield today! Thanks to our friend Tom Tilford for stepping in and doing a great job of presenting Halley while Terry was in the other ring:)

Sept 13: 2014: Ch. Cincerlee's Counting Stars "Halley" did us proud taking Best Puppy in breed today under Judge Elaine Whitney!

Sept 4, 2014: Great news from the Lower Mainland- April Johannes and her girl "Cindy" Cincerlee's Midnite CInderella were award Obedience GRAND CHAMPION in their 4-H achievement day...I am SO Proud of April and all the hard work she has put into Cindy. Huge Congrats girls! I hear there are some pictures coming:)

Sept 1, 2014: WOW! Halley was awarded Best of Winners today by Judge Margaret Moron McQuinn to complete her Championship in one weekend!!!!!We are so proud of our girl:) Another excellent day for Richie's son Eli, took Winners Msle today to garner 6 points towards his Championship.We had a great time getting together as a group and doing photo shoots of the will be posted soon! Thanks to  Gwen, Trish, Kelly and Sevella for all your help:) 

August 31, 2014: I was so thrilled today to see the Forsyth family out enjoying their first point  show with their lovely Muse/Richie daughter Shay. Trish did a phenomenal job of presenting her in the jr. puppy Class.(Just wait till she gets some more hair...we are all in trouble;0. Dylan and Anni took top honours in  a very competitive jr handling class. Dylan hard work and training really shone through as he guided Shay around the Jr.'s ring to a 2nd place. Anni did a super job with Pebbles and came home with top spot in the class. Lots of laughs, smiles and good times today with our friends...that's what dog shows are all about!

August 31, 2014: Halley was did us proud today once again taking Best of Winners for 3 points under judge Kim Ramey-Leblanc. Only 3 more points to go for her Championship. So very proud to see Eli strutting around the ring with his proud owner Gwen and picking up two more points towards his Championship from the jr. puppy class. Richie is a very proud Papa!

August 30, 2014: Bowen and Halley made a very successful ring debut at the Saskatoon Kennel and Obedience Club Show with Halley getting the nod for Best Of Winners from the Jr. Puppy Class under Judge Wendy Paquette for 4 points! Our little Bowen strutted his stuff all the way to Best Baby Puppy In Group piloted by his best buddy Ashley. The future looks bright for these to rising stars!We we so pleased to see Richie's son Sittin' Pretty's Elixer for Ksara  "Eli"takes  Winner Male for 2 points today! Way to go Eli!

August 28-30, 2014:Thrilled to hear that Bijou had a successful trip to the Cornwall and District Kennel Club with Bijou getting the Breed all three days she was shown and a Group 3 on Friday under Micheal Lanctot!

August 15, 2014: Well, the Travelling Pants Girls finally opened their eyes so I have posted their new photos on the Nursery page:)

August 15, 2014: Terry and  Bijou make us proud in Winnipeg winning Best Of Breed and Group 4 under Judge Maribel Sy!

August 14, 2014: Thrilled to hear that Bijou was given the Nod for Best Opposite today by Micheal Hill  in a large, quality filled specials class . Thank you Michele Rodowski  for handling Bijou while Terry was in the ring with rock!

August 11, 2014: Just finished our "Performance" page. Stop by and check out all the action!

August 10 , 2014: Terry pilot's Bijou to Best of Breed and another Group 2nd under Judge  Lee Anne Bateman and onto  Breed by Judge Shirley Limoges...Happy Dance!

August 9, 2014: After a short beauty rest from the show circuit ...Bijou is awarded Best of Breed and Group 2 under Judge Wendy Paquette in Quebec!

July 31, 2014: Sadness here today as our little boy puppy went to the Rainbow Bridge despite our best is heartbreaking:(

July 30 1014: Thrilled to announce the arrival of 4 girls and a boy born to Diamond and Richie! Pictures up on the Nursery page soon!

July 23, 2014: Finally fixed the glitches in the site - my apologies! All should be back to normal now:) 

July 14: IceMan picks up another point and His half sister Prim (Richie Daughter) picked up two points today!!!

July 13, 2014: Great news from Calgary that Iceman picked up his first two points going Winners Male in very stiff competition! Bijou was given the Nod for Select Bitch today as well !Thank you Terry for your wonderful presentation of our  kids! 

July 12, 2014: Thank you everyone who let me know the site wasn't working. My mistake I forgot to publish changes...all is good now:)

July 12, 2014: No love for Bijou and IceMan today but some very nice dogs won today in Calgary- congrats everyone! As they say - some days your are the pigeon and some days you are the statue!

July 11, 2014: Iceman takes Reserve Winners in his debut piloted by Terry Bernier:) 

July 9,2014: Best wishes to IceMan as he heads off to  Calgary for his first show Bijou will be there to show him the ropes and he will have a great time with Terry:)

July 8, 2012: Took some updated photos of IceMan today. He is really growing up fast! Pictures on our "Hopefuls" page...check them out:)

July 5th, 2014: More great news from Vernon where Bijou was awarded Select Bitch in a very competitive Breed Ring under Judge Mary White :)

July 4th:2014: Great news from Vernon where Bijou was given the nod for Best of Breed and Group 1 under Breeder Judge Denise Cornelsson. What an honour! Thank you Terry for making our girl shine!!!!!

July 4th, 2014: SO excited! Just got back from the ultrasound at the Vet and we have a confirmed pregnancy of Diamond Ch. Cincerlee's Watch Me Shine and Richie Apple Acres Nouveau Riche...can't wait to see these beautiful puppies around July 30th:) 

June 29,2014: So thrilled that Bijou was awarded Best of Breed and group 3 in Merritt today making her the #1 Sheltie in Canada!!!!

June 28, 2014: Wishing Bijou and Terry the best of luck as they head to Merritt this week end. We will keep you posted...

June 28, 2014: Busy week around here as Leroy and Richie have been entertaining a couple of very beautiful ladies;) Hoping to hear litter announcements in a few weeks!

June 26, 2014: Very proud of our Bijou's Beautiful Top Dog Cover Page!Check it out!

Special thanks to Terry Bernier and Fay Unro for the fabulous Cover shot!

June 18, 2014: We have just started and sheltie Selfie page! Send us your sheltie selfies by email and we'll get them up on the page! 

June 18, 2014: Didn't like the look of the guestbook so I took it down until I can fix it up a little.....I would really love to be able for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas etc.  on the site.

June 13, 2014: I finally had a few moments to create a Guest Book so we  can hear from you! I hope it works as I am not very proficient at this web stuff....Visit our "Guestbook " page and drop us a line!

June 12, 2014: Good news from Quebec today where Bijou was awarded Best Of Breed and Group 4 under Judge Kinda Kraft and Best of Breed in the afternoon show to make her #1 Sheltie in Canada!!! Whoo Hoo! Exciting day! Special thanks to Terry Bernier for all his time and talent to bring our beauty this far!

May 13, 2014 We are pleased to welcome our handsome new Sable Boy to our family. Ch. Greendor's Bad Leroy Brown bounced out of his crate an into our hearts after his flight from Toronto! This fun-loving young man fit right in with the gang and got busy chasing toys in the yard after supper. Special thanks to Dorothy Greenaway for breeding and raising such a quality, good natured dog and for trusting us with him:) Pictures of Leroy on our "Boys" page.

May 4, 2014: Updated pics on our "In the Ring " page....

May 4, 2014: Bijou and Terry had another successful day at Lakes District show with Bijou getting a Group 2 under Judge Donald Emslie. Terry and Bijou are such a great team!  We are very grateful to Terry and Brett for all their care and conditioning of our girl!

May 4, 2014: A great day at the Hub City Show where Diamond Ch. Cincerlee's Watch Me Shine took first in her puppy sweeps class and then Eden  was given the nod for Best Opposite  for her first Grand Champion points under Judge Garry Allan! It was great to see Eden and Diamond strutting their stuff in the junior handling ring with Daja and girls did a wonderful job:)

May 3, 2014: On the way home from the Hub City Show we got word from Terry that our beautiful Bijou had an amazing day at the Lakes District Show going Best of Breed in both rings and on to a Group 3 under Judge Ainslie Mills and Group 1 under Judge Richard Lopaschuk ! Thanks so much Terry:)

May 3 2014: It is now Ch. Cincerlee`s Piece of Paradise as Eden completed her Championship today with a 4 point win under judge Charles Cyopik. We had so much fun in the ring today and Eden was ìn it to win it`so to speak;0

May 2, 2014: What a proud moment for us today as the Baby Puppies took over the ring for the Baby Puppy competition at the SASSA Sheltie Specialty- so exciting to see all those promising  puppies Sired by our `Richie`(Apples Acres Nouveau Riche) strutting their stuff! Will be posting pictures and details after the show but really nice job everyone:)

May 2, 2014: Great Day at the Hub City Show where our lovely Eden did us proud winning Reserve Winners Bitch at the Saskatoon Sheltie Specialty under Judge Robin McTaggart. Special thanks to Ashley Loitz for stepping in and handling Eden for me while I was in the ring  with Portuguese Water Dogs!

April 21, 2014: An amazing finish to the weekend as Bijou is given the nod for Best of Breed in very stiff competition as Breed Level  and then a Group 4...whoo hoo! She is #2 Sheltie in Canada and #4 Herding dog Wow!

April 18th, 2014: What an honour for Bijou as she was given an Award of Merit at the B.C. Shetland Sheepdog Specialty by Breeder Judge Irene Latchford! Thanks you Terry for a wonderful job in presenting our girl to the fancy out there:)

April 15th 2014: Best of luck to our little "Zara" Cincerlee's One For The Angels as she heads West to  B.C. for the 6 day show cluster.  I know her proud parents Kerrie and Ken will be watching the results:)

April 14, 2014: Another super day at Chautauqua Kennel Club where Eden is given the nod for Winners Bitch in both rings giving her 9 points towards her Championship...Bijou and Terry looked amazing as She was given the nod for Best of Breed and Group 2 under Judge Diane Millar! It was so thrilling to see her win Best of Breed under Natalie Dunfee in the afternoon! WOW!!!! Bijou is now # 2 Sheltie in Canada and # Herding Dog:) We are so proud of her!

April 12, 2014: Wow! What a super weekend as our lvoely "Eden" Cincerlee's Piece of Paradise (co-owned with Lynn Pattison) was awarded Best Of Winners by Judge Alan Ewles.1/2 way to her Championship now!

April 11, 2014: Thrilling day at the Battle Ford Kennel Club Show where Bijou Grd Ch. Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou was chosen Best of Breed and then went on to win Herding Group 1st under judge Ray Smith. Bijou was flawlessly presented by her good Buddy Terry Bernier- they are such a great team to watch in the ring:)

April 8, 2014: New pics up in the Nursery of our Haute Couture Litter up on the Nursery page, They are getting cuter by the day!

March 30 2013: SO excited to hear that Terry and Bijou had an excellent day at the Nickel District Kennel Club with Bijou getting Best of Breed and Group 2 Under Judge Tony Vandendool and then went on to have judge Elaine Whitney award her Best of Breed and Group 3! Thank you Terry for your flawlees presentation of our girl! 

March 28: Thrilled to hear that our Bijou was given the nod for Best of Breed and Group 4 today under judge Wendy Schira!

March 26, 2014: Best wishes to Bijou and her best buddy Terry,  as she continues her show campaign in Ontario this weekend. We are so proud of you for all you have achieved this year!!!

March 25, 2014: Very exciting day as our pretty little Diva gave birth to 7 puppies! How exciting! The Sire of the litter is the very handsome Ch. Lyricisle Avatar "Jake". Mom and puppies doing great! Check out their pictures on the Nursery page:)

March 20 1024: My goodness! It has been a while since I updated the news reel! My apologies...It has been very busy around here with our local Prince Albert Kennel Club Show and our house guests but we enjoyed every minute of it! At the Prince Albert Show we were so pleased that Bijou was awarded 4 Best Of Breeds and 2 Select Bitch award in 6 rings under Respected Breeder Judges. She then went on to win 1 group 3 and three group 2's! What a great weekend. Bijou was flawlessly groomed and presented by her best buddy Terry Bernier:) She is currently #3 Sheltie in Canada and is heading out to Winnipeg to face some fierce competition so we wish her and Terry the best of luck!

March 7 2014 Great day at the Prince Albert Kennel Club show where our lovely "Eden: Cincerlee's piece of Paradise co-owned with Lynn Pattison got Best Of Winners under Judge Wayne Thompson today for her first 3 points towards her Championship. Thank you Terry and Brett for all you do with our Shelties!

March 5, 2014 Saying good bye to "Ice Man" as he heads off to start his new life with co-owners Karen and Pat Fairbairn.He will be loved and adored by bit brother "Suede" as well;0 We are looking forward to lots of fun times ahead and are eager to see how he matures!

Feb 24, 2014: Haven't been announcing but Bijou and Morgan have been out in Ontario taking on the "Big Dogs" in a very competitive few shows. Morgan got his first Championship points and lots of Reserves from the Junior Puppy Class and Bijou did us very proud taking three Best Of Breeds , Two Select Bitches and a Group 2!!!!Thank you to our Handler Terry Bernier who did an amazing job of presenting our kids!

Feb 23. 14: Just finished updating the puppy page with new pics of our Top Gun and Charlotte's Web Litter. New video of these kids on You tube too!

Feb 10, 2014: Updating the Nursery Page while watching Westminster Kennel Club Show. Blossom's Grand dad BISS BIS Am/Can Ch. Grandgables The Frat Boy Just won Best Of Breed! Check out the new pics! 

Feb 4, 2014: Updated the Nursery Page once again. Finally posted pictures of our Charlotte's Web Litter and Mulan. We can all thank my friend Karen for the use of her computer:) (Hopefully "Dave" the repair man is on the roof fixing the antenna as we type this....)

Jan: 31, 2014;Sorry for the delay in posting internet antenna got knocked out of alignment in the windstorm Jan 15 and there is no one able to come and fix it until Feb 5:( gotta' love rural living eh? Thanks to my friend Karen for the use of her computer for new puppy pictures!!! Check out the Nursery Page!

Jan 10, 2013: Happier day to day as our little "Maverick" out of the "Top Gun" Litter is indeed a real fighter. We have been feeding him since birth today he actually latched on and ate all on his own. He has gained .4 of an oz today....Whoo Hoo!

Jan 8, 2013: Heartbroken to say that despite our best efforts our little tri boy just couldn't pull through.  It breaks my heart to loose him:(

Jan 7, 2013: Thrilled to announce the arrival of 5 boys born to DD and Richie. We have a tiny little guy just barely hanging on so hoping for the best with him.Congrats to our good friend Tabitha Who co-owns DD and Richie with us. This is her very first litter of Shelties and she is SO excited!

Jan 1, 2014: Happy New Year! Wow! What a year it has been here at Cincerlee. .We are So thrilled and thankful for all of the owners, breeders and handlers along with our "ringside cheerleaders" who helped make 2013 so Special. It is a joy to be able to spend every day with our wonderful dogs but an even greater joy to share them with all of you! Congratulations on our 2013 Title holders: Explosive Cuervo Gold "Tequila" ROMC; Ch. Cincerlee's Sortliege Mystique "Mystique" CGN; Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection"Bailey" CGN; Alt.Ch Can. Cincerlee's A Touch OF Grace "Gracie"CGN, RN;Ch.Cincerlee Sharl's Winya Yesta "Arwen";BPIS Ch. Talisker Apple Blossom"JuneBug";Grand Ch. Sharls Delamantha Divine Mind "Mala" CGN; Grand Ch. Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou "Bijou";Grand Ch. Crinan's Covergirl "Maybelline";Ch. CIncerlee's Watch Me Shine"Diamond";Ch. Chalet's Dominique "DD". Going to the shows and spending time with all of our "Cincerlee Family" is truly the greatest blessing and we treasure our time with each and every one of you- thank you for making our year so wonderful! 2013 brought with it, the arrival of some new Shelties including, Richie, JuneBug,Morgan, Blossom, and Nicki.  Thank you hardly seems enough to the friends ,old and new,who supported us through the difficult times this year including our rescue efforts and the loss of a truly wonderful dog. We love you and appreciate you more than words can say <3  To those of you eagerly awaiting your new Cincerlee arrival....we look forward to sharing this special time with you and welcoming you into our very special, very wonderful family of Sheltie Lovers! Best wishes for the very best in 2014:)

Nov 29, 2013 : Happy to announce that Maybelline is going to be a Mom! Ultrasound confirmed today that she is due to have puppies int he New Year . The Sire of the litter is the Handsome Sable dog "Riot" Ch. Chelson Ashwyn Hollywood North!

Dec. 30th: SO thrilled to announce the arrival of 5 healthy sable and white puppies early this morning. Proud Mom Maybelline is doing great! Watch for pictures of our"Sabrina the Teenage Witch" litter on our nursery page later tonight:)

 Nov 10, 2013: We invite you to visit the hopefuls page and meet our newest addition Ashwyn Rum Runner aka Captain Morgan. This sassy little guy has a beautiful expression, headpiece and a great body to match! His linebred pedigree will be a huge asset to our Sable Program and we are excited for his future!

Oct 27, 2013: We are thrilled to welcome our new addition Apple Acres Nouveau Riche "Richie" this handsome young tri male has a fantastic pedigree and a sweet temperament to match! Watch for his page soon!

Oct. 24 - 27 2013: What a super weekend at Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers where Maybelline was shown to perfection by Terry in a very competitive Sheltie Ring to receive 1 Best Of Breed, 2 Best Opposites, and A Best Opposite in the Working and Herdng Specialty!  While Maybelline was out West she was bred to Ch. Chelson Ashwyn Hollywood North"Riot" we have our fingers crossed that this breeding will be successful and we will have sable puppies at Christmas! What a great weekend catching up with all our Cincerlee family and is good!

Oct 20, 2013: Wow! Maybelline had a great finish to the weekend with a Best of Breed under Judge Doug Gaudin which also makes her a Grand Champion in two weekends of showing. We are thrilled  Thanks so much to Terry Bernier for his terrific care and presentation of our girls! Check out our "In the Ring" Page for updated photos.

October 19, 2013: More good news from Port Alberni where Maybelline was Select Bitch under Judge Avery Gaudin. "Mala " Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind was Select Dog today.

Oct. 18, 2013: Great news from the Alberni Valley Kennel Club Show where "Diamond" was awarded Winners Bitch under Judge Ed MacDonald to complete her Canadian Championship at the age of 10  months! Whoo Hoo! That makes Ch number three for her Dad "Bailey" Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection and the third Champion for her Mom "Dorothy" Ch. Azarel Beyond The Rainbow. Maybelline was awarded Best Opposite today.

Oct. 15, 2013: Just got word from Ontario where our lovely "Arwen" is now  Ch. Cincerlee Sharl''s WIinya Yesta going Best of Winners two shows at the Nipissing Kennel Club Show! Congratulations to Arwen's proud owner Sharon McLean and thanks you for your excellent care and conditioning of Arwen:)

Oct 11-13, 2013: Exciting news from BC as our "Maybelline" Ch. Crinan's Cover Girl made her specials Debut and was given the Nod For Best Of Breed by Mrs. C Hubbell. She followed that up by getting Best Opposite the following two days by Judges Mr. C Hubbell and P Otero. Maybe is well on her way to her Grand Championship and was beautifully presented by Terry Bernier:)

October 9 , 2013- New pics on Nursery page of ABBA kids!

Oct 7th, 2013: Maybelline and Diamond heading out for  trip to Beautiful BC to hit a few shows with their friend Terry Bernier- have fun girls and behave yourselves:)

October 6 2013: Just uploaded some videos of the ABBA litter on the nursery and Sheltie Cinema Page.

Sept 24. 1013: updated pictures of the ABBA Kids up on the nursery page!

Sept 23, 2013: Flew home from the Mt Cheam Show this AM and worked all day...finally have a few moments to recap the weekend for those of you who haven't heard through Ashley.

We had a great weekend at the Mt Cheam Show and I was so Happy to be able to show Cincerlee's Sortilege Mystique "Mystique" to Best Of Winners the first day to complete her Championship! This is especially exciting as it makes her Dam Explosive Cuervo Gold "Tequila" an ROMC- our first ROMC at Cincerlee!!!!!Whoo Hoo!!!!
Mystique was moved to Specials and took Best Opposite the last two days of the show:)
Cincerlee's Watch Me Shine "Diamond" did well picking up 2 points on Sunday bringing her to 8 points at 10 months.
Hat's off to Jan and "Gracie" Ch. Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace for their hat trick of three Best Altered In Shows! Lookin' good ladies ;0
I was thrilled to get together with our Beloved "Mala" Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind and have some fun showing him this weekend!
What a weekend as Mala was honored with three Best Veteran In Shows, Select Dog on Friday, Best Of Breed and Group 2 on Saturday and Best of Breed and Group 1 on Sunday to complete his Canadian Grand Championship! Congrats to Mala's Owners Jody and Jean Daniel,  as your love and conditioning of Mala really shone through! Mala's breeder and co-owner Sharon McLean is pretty proud of him too;0
So great to see all of our "Cincerlee" family  and thanks everyone for a  fun time! The Cincerlee party and get together was so much fun!

Sept 11, 2013: Updated pictures of our ABBA litter and Bewitched litter on our Nusery page....these are really sweet natured puppies:)


Sept 2, 2013: Pictures from the Saskatoon Show posted on our "In the Ring" page...

Sept 2, 2013: A great finale to the Saskatoon Show where Cincerlee's Watch Me Shine "Diamond"  scored a "hat trick  going Best Of Winners for the third day with Cincerlee's  Prima Donna "Diva" as Reserve. Diamond is over halfway to her Championship with 6 points! Great weekend with our friends! 

Sept 1 2013: Had a great time watching Diamond being shown in junior handling by Anni- they looked great together...Dylan did a super job with June Bug- we have some future super stars on our hands here!

Sept 1, 2013: Another amazing day at the Saskatoon Show where Cincerlee's Watch me Shine "Diamond" was Best of Winners and Winners Bitch for 2 points. Cincerlee's Prima Donna was Reserve Winners...way to go girls! Thanks to Trish and Tom for their assistance with our girls today! Our lovely June Bug -Ch. Talisker's Apple Blossom was Best Puppy in Breed, Best Puppy In  Group and Select Bitch under Judge Gail Forsythe!  Exciting! But wait- there's more....June Bug was given the honour of BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under Dr. Robert Smith! Wow! what a day!

August 31, 2013: Great day at the Saskatoon Kennel Club where Cincerlee's Watch Me Shine"Diamond" had a great start to her show career under Judge Polly Smith by being awarded Winners Bitch and Best of Winners from the Senior Puppy Class for 2 points. Hot on her heels was her buddy Cincerlee's Prima Donna "Diva" who got Reserve Winners. Our June Bug -Ch. Talisker's Apple Blossom was given the nod for Best Puppy in Breed and Select Bitch today. Thanks to our friend Tom or helping us with Diamond today:)

August 27, 2013: Updated pictures of the "Bewtiched" pictures on the nursery adorable!

August 27, 2013: We are thrilled to announce the arrival of  our Siren and Angus puppies!  2 boys and 2 girls...Mom and puppies doing very well! Check out our nursery page later on today for pictures of our "ABBA" litter!

August 25, 2013:Looks like Siren has decided to wait for my return home before she goes into labour.....puppies any time now. We will keep you posted!

August 25, 2013: A great finale to the Shamrock Show when "JuneBug" aka Ch. Talisker's Apple Blossom  was awarded Best Of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and Herding Group 4th under Judge Mel Saranchuk ....our JuneBug is going to be a Grand Champion before long! Had a super time at the show with my friend Alicia and her Daughter Daja... and their very adorable Yorkies! Great time you guys:)

August 24, 2013: JuneBug was awarded Best Puppy in Breed and Select Bitch under Judge Sharon Derrick and awarded Best Puppy In Breed in the afternoon show under Judge Cec Ringstrom. Our little miss "Diva" strutted her stuff in Junior handling with her buddy Daja and they did great! What a team! Pictures of Daja and Diva on our "Fun at the Show" page.

August 23, 2013: Great start to the Shamrock Kennel Club Show Where "June Bug" Ch. Talisker's Apple Blossom started her specials career with a bang winning Best of Breed and Best Puppy In Breed Under Judge Thora Brown. Not to be out done our charming "Diva" Cincerlee's Prima Donna got the Nod for Reserve!  An exciting afternoon as JuneBug was Best Of Breed, Brest Puppy In Breed, Herding Group 3 and Best Puppy In Group Under Judge Allan Brown! 

August 19, 2013: Our "Bewitched" puppies have opened their eyes! What sweet little expressions they have- come and visit them on the nursery page:)

August 11, 2013: Posted our one week pictures of the Bewitched Litter on our Nursery Page. They are all fat and content:)

August 11 2013: Exciting wrap up to the Vancouver Island circuit...we got word today that Mystique Cincerlee's Sortilege Mystique was given the nod for Best of Breed from the open class under Judge Joy McFarlane! Wow! A huge accomplishment over 6 Specials (Champions)  Handsome Mala took Select again today! SO great to see Jody, Jan, Georgina and everyone had a great time on the circuit- congrats to all of you.

August 10 2013: Mala is going strong on his Grand Championship by getting chosen for Select Male ably presented by his "Mom", Jody!

Aug, 9 2013: Great news from Victoria City kennel Club where Mala is Select Dog and Mystique is Reserve Winners....later in the day Mala was awarded Best Graduate in Match and Mystique won the Herding Group at the Match- great handling Georgina!

Aug,8, 2013: The Glacier View Show came to a successful end today with "Mala" Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind being Select Dog for the third day in a row and "Mystique"  Cincerlee's Sortilege Mystique getting the nod for Reserve Winners with Junior Handler, Georgina. Congrats to Ch. Cincerlee's A Touch of Grace RN, CGN "Gracie" and her owner Jan for another Best Altered In Show Today:)

Aug 8, 2013: Ultrasound confirmed that Siren is pregnant! The Sire is the handsome Ch. Ringsend Cosmopolitan "Angus" puppies due August 25th!Pictures on the puppies and available dogs page!

Aug 7 2013: It is now Cincerlee's Sortilege Mystique CGN and Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind CGN...both of these kids earned the Canine Good Citizen today...congrats to Jody and Jean Daniel!

Aug, 7, 2013: More  good news from Glacier View Kennel Club where Mystique wins Reserve Winners today and Mala is awarded Select Dog!

Aug 6, 2013: Great news from Vancouver Island where our Pretty "Tequila" daughter Cincerlee's Sortilege Mystique was awarded Winners bitch today at the Glacier View Show! Mystique was beautifully presented by Junior Handler Georgia- well Done! Mala  Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind was given the Nod for Select Dog and was shown by his proud owner Jody.  A Cincerlee celebration all round as we get word the Ch. Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace RN "Gracie" was awarded Best Alter In Show Today! So happy to hear the good news:)


August 4, 2013: Welcome to our "Bewitched" litter! Eden is pleased to announce the safe arrival of 3 beautiful girls and a handsome boy! Pictures will be posted on the nursery page tomorrow! 

July 30,2013. X-rays show 4 puppies ready to make their grand entrance anytime...we'll keep you posted!

July 28, 2013: Eden is busy nesting and getting ready for her new arrivals...not due for a few more days but she is sure they are coming any time!X-rays tomorrow to see how many and how they look for size.

July 28th- Great news from Rene Hughes of Agile Shelties in Chilliwack as her two "Aiden" kids Agile Start Your Engines and Agile Full Throttle picked up points towards their Canadian Championship! Whoo Hoo!

July 25, 2013: Took advantage of the beautiful weather and did a photo shoot of "Diamond" Cincerlee's Watch Me Shine...she's a beauty...check her out on  our hopefuls page! 

July 17, 2013: Took advantage of the day off to take some updated photos of "Zara" Cincerlee's One For The Angels. Sheis a real beauty! Check out the new photos on her page :) Also took some updated pics of JuneBug..check her page too!

July 14, 2013: Tears flowing freely here as we say good bye to my sister Kerrie who was here for the weekend. We are going to miss her!  I think it was harder to see Kerrie's tears as she left her precious girl "Zara" Cincerlee's One For The Angels with us to work on her show career and have a very special litter this fall. As I just said- it is so hard to be a co -owner and we appreciate the opportunity to keep our bloodlines going through this special girl and giving her the "good life" as a cherished pet at the same time! I promise we will take good care of her Ken and Kerrie!

July 14, 2013: We are going to miss Cincerlee's Whiskey Blend RTD  "Siri'. Siri has been with us since September when she came back to Sask with us to whelp and raise her litter by our handsome Bailey "Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection. Siri is our only daughter out of our much beloved "Magic" Ch. Cincerlee's The Color Of Magic and is the only grand daughter of "Relic" BPIS Ch. Candega's Beachcomber. We would like to take this opportunity to send our deepest gratitude to Lynn Pattison for parting with Siri while she had her litter and therefore allowing us to preserve the qualities and traits we so valued in Relic in our female tail line. Siri is on her way to Victoria as I  type this! Relic will carry on here at Cincerlee through Cincerlee's Piece of Paradise "Eden" and Cincerlee's Prima Donna "Diva"  Here is a quick video of Siri and her kids Sinbad, Eden, and Diva playing before she left for the airport

July 14, 2013: Saying goodbye is never easy especially when it is to our handsome Sinbad who left today for his flight to his new home on Vancouver Island. Those nasty Saskatchewan winters will be but a fleeting memory as he enjoys the sun and surf of Vancouver Island!

July 12, 2013 What a happy day as my sister Kerrie arrives for a quick weekend visit escorted by three lovely Shelties! Welcome to Cincerlee's One For The Angels "Zara" who will be visiting us for a  litter and to finish her Canadian Championship,Cincerlee's Watch Me Shine "Diamond" who spent the first formative months of her life under the loving care of the Brard family, and our new Ch. Talisker's Apple Blossom June  Bug arrived home.What a crazy night as all the Shelties reunited and met each other for the first time!

June 30, 2013: Celebrations all around as our JuneBug is now Ch. Talisker Apple Blossom! So pleased for our girl as she was given the nod once again today for Winners Bitch and Puppy Group under Judge Richard Lopaschuck. Whoo Hoo! Thanks you to David and Pat Gignac for your lovely presentation of our girl. We are excited to get her back home and let her try out the new agility tunnel

June 29, 2013  Happy Birthday to Ashley:) Nice dinner with friends and family tonight!

June 29:13 A nice birthday present for Ashley as JuneBug is awarded Winners Bitch and Best Puppy In Group under Judge Wayne Thompson at the Nicola Valley Show-sitting on 9 points...

June 27,2013: We  have had to say our good byes to some of our Special Dogs this past couple of weeks and it is so very hard for us. However, we feel very strongly that if one of our kids is not active in the breeding or show program then it is unfair for us to keep them when they can be the center of a loving and caring home. It is our responsibility to make decisions in the best interests of our dogs- even if it is heartbreaking for us....

June 26, 2013: Whew! Hectic day as we waited for the "special Shipment" to arrive from New York for Siren's Breeding. After a long delay in Calgary and thanks to my son  Joe in Calgary and Westjet- the package arrived in Saskatoon  at midnight-just in the nick of time....hopefully we will have a great litter announcement soon for you!

June 26, 2013: Tear filled good bye to "Stetson" Cincerlee's Cowboy Casanova as he boarded his flight to his great new home in Vancouver with Paula...he will be meeting up with our Cincerlee Family out there son! He is a very lucky Sheltie indeed!

June 20, 2013: Sad Day here as "Ryker" Ch. Crinan's Red Infusion passed peacefully to the Rainbow Bridge in Ashley's arms. My condolences to Evelyn Susin. Ryker came out for a short visit and we discovered a cancerous growth...Although he was not with us for long, it was a true privilege and pleasure to share the past few weeks with this special little man! He will be missed..we though we would share a little clip of him taken yesterday.

June 19, 2013: Bittersweet moments at the airport today as our handsome Parker heads out to spend his retirement in the loving arms of Barb and Jim in Victoria...we will miss him terribly but know that he is well loved and cherished! 

June 14th, Today Junebug Picked Up 2  more points  towards her championship at Nanaimo Kennel Club, thank you to Judge B. MacDonald and her handlers David and Pat.

June  10, 2013: A great day for Jan and her beautiful girl Ch. Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace as they were given the nod for Best Altered Dog In Show  at the Comox Kennel Club under Judge Honey Glendinning today! SO proud of you two!

June 9, 2013: It's now Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection CGN! Bailey did us all proud today attaining his CGN ! Huge congrats to  proud Mom Rita Paulhus!

June 9, 2013: "Bailey" Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection  is a very Proud Dad as his Daughter "Khaleesi" Starscape Queen of Dragons- bred and owned by Alanna Brooks of Starscape Shelties is awarded Best Baby Puppy in Show at the Comox Kennel Club.

June 8, 2013: Another Proud Daddy at the Comox  Show is "Bailey" Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection. Bailey's Daughter "Khaleesi " Starscape Queen of Dragons bred and owned  by Alanna Brooks was given the nod for Best Baby Puppy In Group and his other daughter  " Ch. Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace RN  "Gracie" received  Best Altered in Show today! Well done Ladies! Hope everyone is having a great time at the show:)

June 8, 2013: Exciting news from the Comox Valley Kennel Club today where our lovely blue girl Chalet's Dominique completed her Canadian Championship! Thanks to her proud Mom,Tabitha for keeping her is such great condition and thanks to Darren Brard for Handling her all the way to her Championship  You guys are great! This is the 5th Champion for proud Daddy "Parker" Am/Can Ch.Wynset Rainier Paint The Town!

June 7, 2013: Vary happy to have "Eden" Cincerlee's Piece of Paradise home from her trip to Winnipeg. Eden has been bred to the handsome Frat Boy son "Rush"  Ch. Anamachara Animal House...we will keep you updated when the ultrasound is done at 28 days- hoping for a confirmed pregnancy :)

May 6th: don't forget to check out the In the Ring page for updated win pictures as well as June bug , Parker and Siris' pages!

May 5th: Wow is there room for any more excitement  yes there is! Junebug goes best of winners and best puppy in breed today under judge Jack Ireland! Junebug is now over halfway towards her Canadian  championship all from the Jr puppy class! Thank you everyone for your support and wonderful comments about her!

May 4th: Today at Hub city we had the all breed Ring in the morning where Bijou was once again Select Female under Judge J. Rowton.

The afternoon was the Saskatoon area working and herding specialty where Parker (AM/CAN CH Wynset Rainier Paint the Town)  came  out to play. He took a thrilling win of Best of breed and a Group 4 under judge Margaret Jones!

Not to be out done Bijou took Select female AGAIN with her new BFF Marilyn at the helm! 

May 3rd, 2013: WE had fun today at the Hub city kennel club show held in Saskatoon  this is one of our local shows so we were excited to go and meet the local "dog folk".  

In the All breed in ring in the morning Talikser's Apple Blossom "Junebug" was reserve winners female under judge B Wright and Ch Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou "Bijou" was Select Female earning her points towards her Canadian Grand championship.

the afternoon was the SASSA sheltie specailty with newly minted breeder Judge Joanne Pavey. Once again our Junebug was reserve winners from the Jr. Puppy class! Sinbad, Siri and Diva all placed well in their classes and had fun doing it!

To top off the end of the specialty was Siri's award for best brood bitch! it was a very special moment to see Relic and Magic's legacy in the ring altogether. 

Top all of that off with a fabulous dinner with the Saskatoon Sheltie club after and you have a GREAT day!

Oops! shouldn't forget to Thank our friends  Tom and Trish for helping us get the kids in the ring! I'm not sure who had more fun the people or the Shelties! 


April 20th: Woo Hoo!!  Gracie (CH Cincerlee's A Touch of Grace)  achieved her Rally Novice title today! Congrats Owner J Gillis! 

April 11th: we'd would like to wish Good luck to our Cincerlee Family members who are still on the west coast as they head off to one of the biggest shows in Canada this weekend! Good luck to Ch Cincerlee's a Touch of Grace, Cincerlee's Sortilège Mystique, Ch Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind and Chalet's Dominique and Their Owners Jan, Jody and Tabitha. We are with you in spirit even though we can't be in there in the flesh!

April 1st, 2013: Congratulations to Renee Hughes at Agile Shelties on her Success with her Aiden Kids this weekend at Oceanside Kennel club. Agile start Your Engines "Ambrose" won her first Points towards her Canadian Championship and went Best Puppy in Breed for 2 days! Her Brother Agile Full Throttle "Bristol" a reserve winners one day and lots of Ring experience!

March 23, 2013: Just got word from Victoira where Jan and "Gracie" Ch. Cincerlee's A Touch OF Grace had their very first Rally-O Trial today with AIOC and came away with their first Qualifying Score! Well Done Ladies!

March 10: 2013: updating some pics on our "At the Shows Page" thanks to my friend Pam for her lovely photos!  We had a great time spending time with all our new friends and teaching them all about Shelties and Dog Shows! Thanks everyone for sharing this weekend with us:)

March 10, 2013: Last day of the show and JuneBug did us proud by winning 2 Best Puppy in Breeds and Reserve Winners under Judge Butch MacDonald. It was so nice to have our friends to help pack up and load the car - many hands make light work....

March 9, 2013: Had a great time at the Show today visiting with friends and teaching them some Sheltie Grooming for the Ring. Lots of laughs! After the show our Conformation Club sponsored a Puppy Sweepstakes and had a great turn out.  I had a great time Ring Stewarding for that! Some really beautiful puppies! It was so nice to relax and enjoy dinner together afterwards...really nice people in our Club!

March  8 2013: JuneBug's first ring appearance was quite a success with her bring awarded Best Puppy In Breed and Best Puppy in Group under Judge Thora Brown! Pictures on our "In the Ring" Page! Not to be out outdone our Lovely Bijou takes Best of Breed and Group 4 - a really great day! Ended the day with a quiet dinner with friends:)

Feb 13, 2013: Updated  pictures of our puppies on our" hopefuls"  page....Check out Diva, Stetson, and June Bug!

Jan 30, 2013 Tears all around here today as we say good bye to our precious "Mala" as he heads out to Vancouver Island to the loving arms of his new family, Jean Daniel and Jody.(He is one very lucky dog ...) Mala  will be entertaining the ladies and working on his Grand  Championship.Have fun with him!

Jan 28, 2013: We are thrilled to announce the arrival of "June Bug" aka Talisker Apple Blossom  We are so thankful to Sharon Ayers for sharing this beautiful girl with us! She will bring many qualities that we have been seeking into our sable breeding programs. Watch for her pictures on our "Hopefuls" page soon...

Jan 24,2013, Snow day once again! At least the Shelties like it Pictures on our "enjoying life" page.

January 23, 2013: Exciting day as our new sable girl arrives her at Cincerlee. We are so pleased to have her here! More details on our new arrival to follow. 

Jan 13: 2013: It seems Diamond "Cincerlee's Watch Me Shine" is settling in quickly with the Brard Clan. Thanks to Darren and Nancy for the updated pics of our "Bailey/Dorothy Daughter and special thanks to Grandma Rita for the great TLC and trip to the Ferry :)

Jan 12, 2013: We are so happy to meet new friends and place Sooki in a fantastic home where she will be totally loved and spoiled! Best wishes to Trevor, Danee and her new BFF Shilea :)

Jan 6, 2013: Getting excited about our show prospects for 2013. Our sable breeding program of blending Relic  ( BPIS Ch. Candega's Beachcomber ) and Ben (Am Gr. Ch Can Ch. Talisker's Bengal ROMC) with a touch of Bailey (Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection) has been developing over the past three years and we are now seeing the results of our work. Watch this year for our  Relic progeny to hit the ring. We have been waiting a long time for these youngster to arrive. Special thanks to our friend Lynn Pattison for her dedication to Relic's offspring. We couldn't have done it without you! Watch our hopefuls page for pictures of Cincerlee's Piece of Paradise, Cincerlee's Red Sky At Night, and Cincerlee's Prima Donna- all Relic Great Grandkids!!! Also hitting the ring this year will be our Ben grand kids and great grand kids: Watch for Cincerlee's Cowboy Casanova and  Cincerlee's Rhinestone Cowgirl. We can't forget our precocious Gabby (The Bridge Cincerlee Turquoise) who is from our good friend K and Amie's first litter of Shelties, wow! Last but not least watch for Cincerlee's Watch me Shine, our lovely Bailey daughter/ Mala Granddaughter  this year too! Wow!  So many young hopefuls! It should be a fun year here at the farm! 

 Jan 6, 2013: Finally have a few moments to reflect on the year and I am so proud of our accomplishments this year! The year started off with a Bang with our lovely tri puppy Cincerlee One For The Angels "Zara" getting the nod for Best Baby Puppy In Show her first weekend out.This was the first ever Best Baby Puppy In Show in Canada awarded to a Sheltie! Kerrie and Ken worked so hard with her and it really showed! Well Done!  We have 6 new Champions for 2012: Ch. Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou "Bijou" who was a Multi Best of Breed and Group Placing girl - well done Bijou! ; Ch. Cincerlee's Golden Cricket "Cricket" This spunky and pretty little girl showed her heart out and made her parents VERY proud! Special thanks to Sandy and Derek for all the time and effort you put into her! We share this success with you:) ; Ch. Azarel Beyond The Rainbow  "Dorothy" How thrilling for us for this very deserving girl to finish this year! Our Mala daughter showed beautifully and we know her Breeder, Zara is looking down on her with great pride... ; We were pleasantly surprised when "Nahla" Dorothy's daughter became Ch. Cincerlee's Jungle Queen! She finished in grand style as a puppy with 4 Puppy Groups! Well done to her owners Susan and Murray for a job well done in training and conditioning her ! ; Our last show on the Island brought us great pride as Mala's son "Finley"  Ch. Cincerlee Starscape So Divine finished his Championship in grand style with a 4 point win....way to go Finley - we believed in you all the way buddy!  ; Our first show is Sask earned Maybelline the title of Ch. Crinan's Cover Girl. from the senior puppy class. All this is in combination with " Patrone" Ch. Cincerlee Strait Tequila Nite earning her outstanding Dam award for the BC Sheltie Club and Parker ending with #4 Sheltie in Canada- I'd say it's been a successful year here at Cincerlee! As you can see - it takes a Village.....our sincere thanks to each and everyone of you for your hard work, dedication and support this year. We feel truly blessed to be surrounded by so many beautiful people...and their dogs of course ;0

Jan 3, 2013: Gearing up for another show year as we put in our entries for the first show for the year!  Exciting year ahead for Cincerlee!

December 31, 2012: Wow! Exciting news here at Cincerlee when we receive word that our handsome Parker - Am/Can Ch. Wynset Rainier Paint the Town  was the #4 Shetland Sheepdog in Canada for 2012! Way to go Parker- we are so proud of you!

December 18, 2012: Wow! where does the time go? Just updated the Nursery page...cute puppy alert! I weighed Little Audrey Hepburn today and she is 19 oz at 5 weeks. Tiny and feisty!

December 1st, 2012: Meanwhile in Ontario  Cher 's Daughter Allie (Crinan Undeniable) has been busy working towards her Canadian Championship, Today at the Brantford Kennel club saw her with another win bringing her to 4 points in 4 days of shows! Allie is always presented to her wins by her best buddy Shelley McHugh-Boumans. Congratulations team Allie, Keep up the good work!

November 30th, 2012: BPIS CH Crinan Share the Dream (Cher) Gives birth to 4 lovely puppies, 3 boys a Girl. Their daddy is none other than Multi-Group Winner Ch. Sharls Delamantha Divine Mind (Mala). Check out their photos on the nursery page!

Nov 24, 2012:We have been busy doing photo shoots this week! Our puppies are growing! Check out our Barbie Girls at 6 weeks and watch our Hollywood Classics Litter as they grow.

Nov 12, 2012: Updated pictures of our "Barbie Girls" litter on the nursery page!

Nov 9, 2012: Aiden - Ch. Crinan Talk Of The Town and Siren - Ch. Rowanglen's Red Alert are the proud parents of 7 healthy red sable puppies born this morning. Come and see pictures of our "Hollywood Classic" litter on the Nursery page. Meanwhile back on Vancouver Island our beautiful Dorothy- Ch. Azarel Beyond The Rainbow gave birth to two girls and a boy sired by our Handsome Bailey - Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection.

November 4th, 2012: Good news today From Red Deer as Parker(Am.Can Ch Wynset Rainier Paint the Town) goes Best of Breed today in a quality packed Sheltie entry Under Judge Karsten Kaemling. Parker was beautifully presented by Trina Neil.

Nov. 2, 2012: Posted new pictures of the "Barbie" litter on the Nursery Page.....too cute!

October 30th: News Flash! As of yesterday  Our Mr. Parker is  Ranked number 4 Sheltie in Canada for 2012, Parker will be heading out the shows with his Buddy Trina for the rest of 2012. Make sure to say "hi" to them at Ringside!

October 29th: Back from a long but fun weekend it was great to reunite with our old friends and to meet so many new ones!

Another wonderful surprise awaited us at Home our Barbie Girls had their eyes open were walking around like they owned the place, they grow up so fast!

October 28th: Started the morning off with the regional Specialty put on by the Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association where we enjoyed meeting new friends and old. Then in the afternoon in the All breed ring Parker won Best of Breed and a Group 4 over quality packed competition at both breed and group level. Thank you to Linda Kraft for this amazing win!

October 27th: We had Fun at the Specialty and the show today, nothing much in the way of prizes but we enjoyed a wonderful event put on by the Edmonton Area Shetland Sheepdog association and met up many of our fellow fanciers!

October 26th: today in the All breed Ring Chalet's Dominique ( Deedee to her friends)   took second in her Class and Ch Wynset Rainier Paint the Town (Parker) was Best Opposite at the Sheltie Booster (that is when the local breed clubs provide rosettes and prizes for all the winners in their particular breed)  How exciting! But the best part of the day was meeting a sassy little sable puppy named "Gabby" Her Reg. name is Cincerlee JustTheTequilaTalkin and she come to us from our dear friends Kay, Amie and Joanna! We will treasure her! 

October 25th: heading out to Camrose, AB for a weekend of fun and 2 sheltie specialties! 

Oct 24,  2012: Just updated the pictures  Our "Barbie" litter at 16 days old....they all have their ears open and are so sweet!

OCT. 21. 2012: Received great news from Ontario where our lovely girl "Arwen" Cincerlee Sharls Winya Yesta was given the nod for Best of Breed from the open class for a 4 point win!This was at the Belleville show under judge John Muldoon. Congratulations to her proud owner Sharon Maclean of Sharls shelties.Arwen was beautifully presented by Shelley MacHugh-Boumans.

Oct 14, 2012: How exciting to get a call from the Port Alberni Show today where  "Mystique" Cincerlee's Sortilege Mystique was awarded Winners Bitch for  2 points  under Breeder / Judge Guy Jeavons. Mystique was aptly presented by her proud owner,  Jodie...way to go!

Oct 13, 2012: Great news from Port Alberni as my sister, Kerrie took  her lovely puppy "Zara" Cincerlee's One For The Angels in a large puppy Sweeps and was awarded first in her class! Whoo Hoo Nicely done ladies!

Oct 12, 2012: Pleased to announce that our little "Kelly" from the Barbie litter has gained 1.3 oz today and has turned the corner to be a healthy, thriving puppy like her sisters. Yahoo!

Oct. 10, 2012: Joined the Prince Albert Kennel Club today....What a great group of people.  I can't wait to meet up with Tom and Karen at the Camrose show!

October 8, 2012: We are pleased to announce the safe arrival o f our litter of 4 girls by "Bailey" Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection and "Siri" Cincerlee's Whiskey Blend. These pretty little girls are doing awesome! Pictures on the nursery page!

Sept 15, 2012: Well Maybelline did finally  make it to the Prairie Canine Academy Show and finished her Championship with a Best Of Winners and Best Puppy In Breed over Puppy Specials.  What a trooper! We meet some of the Sask breeders today and am really looking forward to going to getting to know them better! What a nice group of people:)

Sept 14, 2012: Scary day as we were in a roll over accident on our way to a dog show. SO lucky to walk away with only bruises....We cannot stress enough how important it is to crate your dog while travelling in the car as  Maybelline was in her crate and the van crushed around the crate and Maybellbine was unscathed....protect your pets when travelling folks!

Sept 7 2012: Getting unpacked in to our new home on 14 beautiful acres in Yellow Creek and have been busy doing some repairs and putting up fencing. Looking good! The Shelties sure love all the space. I'll [post some pictures soon.

August 29th 2012: The Shelties are loaded, the truck is packed and we are off to our new home in Sask. We are going to miss all our friends and Cincerlee family in BC but thanks to the internet we can stay in touch daily! Our email is now:

While we were on the road, we got news that Amie and K's lovely girl "Cincerlee's Princess Aurora" aka Lacey gave birth to a healthy litter of 7 puppies sired by handsome ch. Cincerlee's Prince Charming "Caffery" ... pictures of the "Rainbow" litter are on the Nursery page. 

August 19, 2012: Bittersweet day as we headed off to our last sheltie Social...what a lovely surprise to have Sandra and Darren arrive from the Mainland. We has a super turn our and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The day ended with a lovely BBQ for the "Cincerlee Clan" hosted by our friends Rita, John, and Jan. K did a great job on the BBQ and we all shed a few tears as we cut our :follow your dreams cakes" I'll post pictures  a little later.

August 13, 2012: The final day of our "Farewell Tour" and it ended wonderfully with Finley aka Cincerlee Starscape So Divine being awarded Best Of Winners for a 4 point win to complete his Canadian Championship with his proud Dad, Dave looking on! Moments like that are ones to cherish! That makes 2 Champions for his sire , Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind aka Mala. Wow! He also has a pointed daughter and has sired 2 Puppy Group winners. That's our Mala Man! It was bittersweet packing up for the last time on the Island with all our Cincerlee Family helping out. 

August 12, 2012- Lots of fun watching our jr. puppies and their proud owners in the Puppy Sweeps ring today. They all did very well :) The day turned exciting  when  Maybelline  was awarded Best Of Winners and Best Puppy In Breed and onto a Best Puppy in Group for a 5 point win under Judge Robert Stein.! She was beautifully presented by Chelsea Birmingham, Our handsome Parker was not to be outdone as he was given the nod for Best Of Breed honors in strong competition. Great day

August 10- Back in Victoria and enjoying a huge Sheltie Entry. Our lovely Maybelline took her large puppy class today while "Finley" got the nod for Reserve Winners Male while his proud parents watched:) Parker took Best Opposite in strong Specials Competition. Had a great time today assisting our new show owners how to trim and groom their kids for the ring. Excellent coffee and cinnamon buns too!

August 9, 2012: Wow! What a nice day as "Barley" Cincerlee's Lighthouse Landing made his owners proud by going Winnners Male for 2 points the junior puppy class! Whoo Hoo!  Mala's lovely daughter "Shavon" Coastalviews' Chery Chery Bon Bon won 4 points and Best Puppy in Group. Now to pack up and set up in Victoria.

August 8, 2012: A great day at the show with Parker being chosen for Best of Breed and on to a Group 3! Maybelline did us proud by taking Reserve Winners . Lots of laughs and good timed these past few days....not to mention to great cooking by our "Camp Cook" Ken. Yummy!

August 7th, 2012: A new show and a new day! Today, Parker showed his heart out for a group 2 today we are so delighted with our new boy. He makes himself more at home everyday! It was defiantly "Parker day" Parker won Best of breed, His daughter Dominique (Chalet's Dominique) won best of Winners and Best Opposite sex today over specials. while Parker's Grandson Apollo (CH Coastalview Prince of Moonsong) won best puppy in group!

August 6th, 2012: Our lone Tri color here at Cincerlee, Maybelline (Crinan's Cover Girl) picks up her first points from the Jr puppy Class today! Our New Champion Nahla celebrated her new status in Style by winning Best opposite and Best Puppy in Group! Parker was Best of Breed Again today :)

With more exciting news Apollo (Coastalview Prince of Moonsong) Finihsed today Making him Rincewind's first Champion! Apollo is out of Ch Cincerlee the Lite Fantastic by Ch Granite Gables Licorice Twist, he finished in 2 shows from the Jr Puppy Class and is owned by J. Wilbee

Later this afternoon we pulled up stakes and moved down Island to the Rotary Bowl in Comox. Tomorrow is the first day of Glacier View Kennel Club show.  it's the shows 25th anniversary, wow!

August5 th, 2012: A wonderful day for Team Cincerlee at Campbell River, Parker wins best of Breed Dorthy wins Best Opposite and Dorthy's daughter Nahla is now NEW CHAMPION Cincerlee's Jungle Queen. Going Best of Winners and Best Puppy In breed today.  Nahla is out of AM/CAN CH Crinan's Back in Black by Ch Azarel Beyond the Rainbow and she is the first Champion for Both of her Parents! 

A huge Congratulations for Cincerleee's One for the Angels (Zara) as she won Runner up in the juvenile sweepstakes today Handled by her mommy, Kerrie.

Another exciting event today was our sheltie handler-in-training Mikela winning best Jr Handler! Congratulations everyone!

August 4th,2012: Parker wins Best of Breed and Group 2 on the first day on the Island show circuit.

and congratualtions to new champion Azarel Beyond the Rainbow "Dorothy".  she finished today at the Campbell River dog show. Dorothy is the first champion for our boy Mala (Ch Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind) 

Nahla (Cincerlee's Jungle queen) was best puppy in breed today.

July 29, 2012: Maybelline took er Jr. Puppy Class with Nahla right behind her in second place. Parker was awarded Best Opposite today.  Special thanks to Nancy, Charlie and Darren for opening your home to us and the Sheltie Gang! So much fun!

July 28th, 2012: More fun in the Sun at Pacific kennel club today: our little Nahla (Cincerlee's Jungle Queen) decide she was sick of being second and won her class today over kennel mate Maybelline.

And AM/CAN CH Wynset Rainier Paint the Town (Parker to his friends) added another Wonderful win to his credit going best of Breed and group 2 in heavy competition for the herding group! Great dinner with Sandy and Derek and their fur kids, Cricket and Venus. Great food and great company!


July  27th, 2012: A banner day For Cincerlee at Pacific kennel club! Our little Maybelline won her class again as well as reserve winners female!

Our new kid on the black Chalet's Dominique was Winners Female and Best of Winners for 4 points! this was only her second day of showing ever! Ably handled by her good buddy Darren!

Our Mr Parker won best of breed today in a quality packed breed ring and went on to a group 2! We are just so thrilled! Had a great time catching up with our "dog friends" over dinner.....


 July26th, 2012: Back in the ring at Pacific Kennel club where Mr Parker got Best of Opposite Sex in a quality Specials class. Our Pretty baby girl Crinan's Cover Girl 'Maybelline" won her large Jr puppy class and Her kennel mate Cincerlee's Jungle Queen "Nahla" was right behind her in 2nd!

Our Lovely Parker Daughter ,Chalet's Dominique won her class and Little Dorothy was 2 nd in her class. 

Thanks to all of our "Cincerlee Peeps" who stopped by today for visits, the best part of the show is catching up with everyone!


July 14, 2012: Updated of our Princess Persephone on the Nusery Page- check out the video of her getting up and around....she's too darn cute!

June 22, 2012: We are thrilled to announce the safe but early arrival of "Princess Persephone"! This beautiful little Sable Merle girl is very stunning and quite a fighter... despite the odds she pulled through and is doing great! congrats to Proud Parents Bailey and Bijou! Pictures on the Nursery Page!

June17, 2012:What a day! Parker goes Best of Breed, Cricket Won Best Opposite Sex, and Little Nahla (Cincerlee's Jungle Queen) Wins Best of Winners, Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Group!

Thank you to our wonderful supportive friends and Family for turning out in full force to cheer on our fur kids! 

Thank you to Mindy for Piloting Nahla to her wins today, it was quite a ride!


June 16,2012: Rincewind's Son Apollo (Coastalview Prince of Moonsong) goes winners male and best puppy in group today! Dorothy worked steadily towards her championship with Winners Female and Best of Opposite Sex over Specials!

and Our Mr Blue Parker went Best of Breed and group 3 today! Parker would like to thank Judge Skip Stanbridge for the Win and his Auntie Judy for the makeover :)


June 15, 2012: Day one at the Nanaimo Kennel Club show was quite a success! Dorothy ("Mala" Daughter Azarel Beyond the Rainbow) Went Winners Female and Best of Opposite Sex to bring her Halfway to her Canadian championship, Coasalview's Prince of MoonSong (A Handsome Rincewind Son) went Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed on the first day of his first show! Our Lovely Reno Daughter Cincerlee's Masked Moonlight was Reserve Winners Female today in her first Foray into the show world. 

Our wonderful new Blue Boy Parker (Ch Wynset Rainier Paint the Town)Went Best Of Breed and onto Group 4! Thank you Judge Jack Kilgour For all of your wonderful Compliments on our boy!

June 14, 2012: We welcome Chalet's Dominique into our home today.  This beautiful Parker (Am/Can Ch. Wynset Rainier Paint The Town) daughter has great structure, long neck, and a pretty Face. We can't wait to add her wonderful Bloodlines to our breeding program!

June 11, 2012: Our lovely Maisie was Awarded Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Puppy in Breed today!)

June 10, 2012: Beautiful sunny skies today as Cincerlee's Golden Cricket is now Champion Cincerlee's Golden Cricket!!!!Cricket was awarded Best Of Winners under Judge Susan Norris Jones today. Whoo Hoo! Not to be outdone "Maisey" Cincerlee's Masked Moonlight Took Best Puppy In Breed today while her proud Mom looked on:) Fun times at the campsite tonight sharing Smores with our Camping buddies around the Fire Pit.

 June 9, 2012: Great day at the Comox Valley Kennel Club Show where Cincerlee's Golden Cricket "Cricket"  picked up 2 more points, going Best Of Winners under Judge Lynn Storeshaw. We were also very pleased to see Mala's daughter CoastalViews Chery Chery Bon Bon take Best Puppy In Group Today!

May 28, 2012: So excited as ultrasound confirms today that our lovely Bijou "Ch. Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou is due to have puppies June 26. Proud Dad is our handsome "Bailey" Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection.

May 27, 2012: What a great weekend it was and thanks to everyone for stopping by for the visits and chats.We are so fortunate to be surrounded by so many awesome people! 

 May 27, 2012:Up bright and early to be a ringside at 8:30...yawn! Well worth it though! Cincerlee's Jungle Queen aka "Nahla" took everyone by surprise taking Best of Winners from the Junior Puppy class and onto Best Puppy In Breed and Best Puppy In Group under Judge Grant Townsend. Our lovely Bijou made it a hat trick being awarded her third Best Of Breed this weekend! Top those wins off with a great BBQ by K and Amie and it couldn't have been a better day! We are so proud of our kids and so pleased for their owners! Congratulations everyone:)

May 26, 2012: Beautiful weather today at VIDFA show and we were thrilled when our beautiful Mala daughter Azarel Beyond The rainbow "Aka" Dorothy" was awarded her first points going Best Of Winners Under Judge Gary Allan. Nahla picked up Reserve and was given the nod for Best Puppy In Breed. Cincerlee's Piece of Paradise aka"Eden" made her ring debut in baby puppy class. Thanks to Ken for our BBQ burgers...awesome !We all enjoyed them:).

May 25, 2012:Another great day at VIDFA show where Cricket picked up 3 points for Best of Winners under Breeder Judge Micheal Hill. Our beautiful Bijou was given Best of Breed and a Group 2 ! Thank you to Pat Gignac for her beautiful presentation of Bijou.

May 24, 2012: Super start to the Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Dog where Cincerlee's Golden Cricket aka "Cricket" picked up 2 points for Winners Femaleunder Judge Wendy Maisey Cincerlee's Jungle Queen "Nahla" was Reserve Winners, Best Puppy in Breed and Best Puppy in Group. Our lovely Bijou was given the nod for Best of Breed and a group 4th and our handsome Mala was Best Opposite! Thanks to our friend Judy for taking Nahla in for us.Cincerlee's Filo did his family proud today, proudly strutting his stuff with his friend Chelsea piloting him around the ring.

May 23, 2012: The chalking, bathing and trimming started today as Cincerlee Shelties get ready for the Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Show. A new experience for some of our pups and their owners!

May 12th, 2012: Today our Lovely Miss Bijou and her favorite Handler Pat, took Best of Opposite Sex in the All breed Ring. While Cincerlee's Golden Cricket and Cincerlee's Jungle Queen both took 2 in their respective (and very competitive) puppy sweeps classes way to go Ladies! 

May 11, 2012: First day at Tyee kennel club Our miss Bijou did us proud by taking Best of Breed her first day as a Special,we were very happy to have  Aiden (Ch Crinan Talk of the Town)right next to her going Best Opposite. Not a bad day at the show!

April 26, 2012: Sad day as we bid a final farewell to our beloved "Magic" Ch. Cincerlee's The Color Of Magic. An aggressive form of Cancer took hold and we decided to let her go to the Rainbow Bridge before her pain became too unbearable for her. After a final trip through the drive thru for her favorite treat she fell peacefully into an eternal rest in our arms. Thanks you Magic for the wonderful memories......

April 22, 2012: Busy day to day we took our puppies to have the health clearances on their eyes(CERF) all good. Attended the Nanaimo Kennel Club Saanction Match and were thrilled that Eden decided it was time to let her "Inner Diva" out and become a show dog! Wow what a little superstar! She took second in her large jr. puppy class to our lovely Maybelline who went on to take Best Of Breed and Group 3rd.

April 15, 2012: Lots of fun today as we went to the Tyee Kennel Club Match. Eden strutted happily around the ring and then decided she was done for the day...(the joys of lead training) but Maybelline and Zara trucked around the ring and showed their little hearts out! Congrats to Maybe for her Reserve Winners!


April 9, 2012: Headed off for home with our new Champion and memories of a super weekend.Thanks to Carolynn, Darren , Kerrie ,Ken  and Judy for all your help and lots of laughs this weekend.

April 8, 2012: Cincerlee's Golden Cricket aka "Cricket"took her puppy class and Reserve Winners today. Way to go Cricket!Nice dinner and walk around Cultus Lake with friends tonight.

April,7,2012: Celebrations all around today as our lovely "Bijou: CoastalView Cincelee Bijou completes her Championship under Judge Edgar Badjona!We had a nice visit with Max and Piper.Our lovely Ch. Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace "Gracie" picked up her first point towards her Altered Championship going Best Opposite handled by  proud Mom Jan! Way to go ladies! Great dinner and awards banquet for the BC Sheltie Club tonight...lots of fun!

  April 6, 2012: Great  day at the Renaissance Show where "Aiden "Ch. Crinan Talk Of The Town took Best Opposite and Cricket  "Cincerlee's Golden Cricket"  took first in her Class in a very competitive Sheltie Entry under Judge Christopher Neilson. 

March 5, 2012: Special thanks to Darren Bard for making the trip over from the Mainland to assist us at the Victoria City Kennel Club  this weekend. He did a great job handling Cricket and is becoming quite proficient  in the chalking department ;0 Special thanks to Carolynn for her puppy sitting and ringside assistance! It's not easy juggling, towels, leads, treats, and water for everyone...much appreciated. Thanks to Jan for her handling of our Baby Puppies this weekend. It was great talking to all of the  Cincerlee Sheltie Familys who stopped by the set up this weekend

March 4, 2012: Finley took the day off today and our lovely girl Cincerlee Calling All Angels aka " Halo" took first in the Winners Bitch Class. Bijou was awarded Reserve Winners today. Our Baby Puppy Cincerlee's One For The Angels aka "Zara" made her ring debut and captured everyone's hearts! Her Mom and Dad's training was very evident as she strutted around the ring and stacked like a seasoned professional!We were so pleased when she was given the nod for Best Baby Puppy In Show! Whoo Hoo!

March 3, 2012: Exciting day at Vic City Show where Finley "Cincerlee Starscape So Divine" was given the nod for Winners Dog and Bijou won Winners Bitch and Best OF Winners under Judge Patricia Taylor. Finley went on to take Best Puppy In Group! That leaves both of these kids sitting at 9 points- 1 more point for thier Championships! Not to be outdone, our lovely little Cricket took 2nd in her puppy sweeps class. She was beautifully presented by Darren. Well done you two:)

Our exuberant Baby Puppy "Nahla" aka strutted her way to Best Baby Puppy In Breed today while her proud parents cheered her on!

March 2, 2012: Great day  at the Victoria City Kennel CLub Show where Finley "Cincerlee Starscape so Divine" took winners Male today. Our lovely Bijou "Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou" took Reserve Winners today. Our Baby Puppy Crinan's Cover Girl Aka "Maybelline took Best Baby Puppy In breed today.

Feb. 26, 2012: Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou "Bijou" did us proud today by taking Winners Bitch, and Best Of Winners for a 4 point win from the Bred by Exhibitor Class under respected Sheltie Breeder and Judge Guy Jeavons. It was great to see K, Amie and Joanna today:)Lots of laughs this weekend with roomies Joanne and Judy:)

Feb. 25, 2012: Cincerlee's Golden Cricket  "Cricket" took second in her Senior Puppy Class and then went 4th in her large and competitive Puppy sweeps in the afternoon  with proud parents Derek and Sandy  cheering her on at ringside:) Thanks to MzJuty for an exciting trip "Stateside" today;0

Feb 24th, 2012: Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou  "Bijou" Picks up Winner Female today at the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers  Spring Fling show in Clover dale BC Thank you to the judge Mr Karsten Kaemling.It was great spending time with Derek  and Sandy and Darren, and Charlie today!

Feb. 22, 2012: Sad to announce that Zara Heartwood of Azarel Shelties lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer and passed away peacefully in her sleep this morning. I met Zara when I purchased our handsome "Mala"  Ch. Sharls Delamantha Divine Mind and his daughter Azarel Beyond The Rainbow "Dorothy". When Zara's cancer reared it';s ugly head again this Spring, I was honored  when she entrusted me with her beautiful Samurai daughter "Muse" who quickly went on to become Ch. Azarel A Muse In Lace - Zara's first home bred Champion...Don't worry Zara, your kids are in safe, loving hands, until your reunion at the Rainbow Bridge..

Feb 19, 2012: Bijou Goes Reserve Winners again today. It was great to touch base with all our "Cincerlee Family" Special thanks to our "Roadie" Carolynn! You will be seeing lots of her this year;)  Thanks for a great weekend everyone!

Feb 18th, 2012: Cincerlee's Golden Cricket "Cricket" Won Winners Female and Best of Opposite Sex today at the Mt Cheam show in Chiliwack under judge Ed MacDonald! Not content to rest on her Laurels she went 2nd in her class for puppy sweeps , piloted to success by her new buddy Darren. Great to see Max (Eager as always!) and Piper and give him some Handling tips.

Feb. 17, 2012: 1 st day back at the shows Cincerlee Starscape So Divine "Fin" gets 1st in the Senior puppy class, Cincerlee's Golden Cricket "Cricket" also gets first in her Senior puppy class. After a break from the ring for motherhood, Rincewind's Sister, Coastalview Cincerlee Bijou was back with a bang taking reserve Winners Female in quality packed ring. 

Feb 8, 2012: Pleased to introduce Crinan's Cover Girl aka "Maybelline"We are so thrilled with this lovely tri girl!   Maybe's page will be up shortly.

Feb 6, 2012, Sad day around here today as we say good bye to "Paige" Ch. Crinan's Cover Story. It has been so reqwarding watching her transformation over the past 19 months into the fun-loving, popcorn stealing, bed bug she is today! Wishing Evelyn all the best with Paige and her Moonbeam Puppies!

Jan 26, 2011: We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of 5 striking sable and white puppies out of Ch. Lyricisle Avatar "Jake" X Cincerlee's Whiskey Blend "Siri". Pictures of the "Dancing With The Stars" litter are on the nursery page!

Jan 22, 2011: Gale force winds and biting cold didn't hinder the spirits of our human and Sheltie friends as we gathered for a Victoria Sheltie Meet Up Today. It was so great to see the Shelties all playing together! Pictures posted in "Enjoying Life Page" I'm off to bath puppies and update pictures of the Brady Bunch Kids:)

Jan 15:2012: Pictures of the "Brady Bunch" litter posted on Nursery Page.

Jan 14, 2012: I guess Tequila is superstitious as she waited until after midnight on Friday the 13th to go into labor! We are thrilled to welcome the arrival of our "Brady Bunch" litter of 4 boys and 4 girls. This lovely litter is SIred by Am.Can Ch. Crinan's Back In Black "Reno" and Explosive Cuervo Gold "Tequila". Pictures will be posted on the Nursery Page soon!

Jan 2, 2012: Thought you might like to see our home and where our Shelties play...check our "Our home" page....

Jan 2, 2011: Thinking of my Mom as today would have been her  75 th birthday....Remembering the day July 17, 1980 when she drove me to Hi Hope Kennels to pick up my first  show dog "Hi-Hope's Rhinestone Cowgirl"aka Saddles! We've come a long way;)

Jan 1, 2012: Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!

Dec 31, 2011: As the last hours of 2011 slip away I  find myself reminiscing about 2011 and what a wonderful journey Cincerlee Shelties  had this year...New Champions, New Hopefuls, and BEST OF ALL...the New friends we made this year!  May each of you have a wonderful New Year filled with much happiness. Your support and friendship is a  blessing! See ya' in 2012:)

Dec 29, 2011: Whoo Hoo! exciting news here at Ultrasound confirms that our pretty "Magic" daughter Cincerlee's Whiskey Blend "Siri" is pregnant by the outstanding young sable dog Ch. Lyricisle Avatar! We have been waiting a LONG time for this breeding and are sharing the excitement with SIri's co-owner Lynn! Pictures of both of these dogs on the"puppies and available dogs" page.

December 28th, 2011: Wow! it's been a while since I've been on line to apologies! Let's see .. to catch you up, Out visiting girl Ch. Crinan Cover Story "Paige" delivered a gorgeous litter of 3 girls and 2 boys sired by the 2011 ASSA National Specialty Winner Am/Can Ch. Seahaven Chasing Moonbeams ROMCC. 1 blue and 4 tris. These lovely little puppies will be heading back to their breeder Evelyn Susin at Crinan Shelties in Feb along with Paige. Fortunately   one of those pretty little girls will be the newest member of the Cincerlee Clan so she will be staying with us. 

Dec 14, 2011: We are pleased to hear the our Blue Boy "Ch. Cincerlee The Lite Fantastic "Rincewind" is the proud father of a litter of 5 puppies at Coastalview Shelties! Congratulations to proud "Grandparents" John and Rita:)

December 12th, 2011: Well it was eventful weekend! we all had fun in the parade of titleholders and show hall was so beautifully decorated and christmasy! lots and lots of quality shelties came out for the weekend because of the specialty. Rincewind (Ch.Cincerlee the Lite Fantastic) Took a Best Opposite under Judith Shurb in the Saturday-all breed ring! So exciting! Halo placed consistently in her very competitive Jr puppy Class and Mr Finley (Mala's Son) Cincerlee Starscape So Divine Took 2 Reserve Winners from the Jr Puppy Class in MAJOR Male competition! Fin Rounded off the weekend With  best puppy In breed over specails under breeder Judge Lesley Rogers in the Sunday All-breed show! Wow What a weekend! Congratulations to Fin's Owner Alanna for keeping him in such great shape!

December 10th, 2011: The Cincerlee Crew Gathered today at the BC Sheltie Specialty to celebrate a wonderful year of good fun, camaraderie and of course, our shelties! We had a wild and Hairy Time Grooming all the kids up for their time in the ring! A Huge thank you to  all who traveled so far the bring your fur kids for their moment in the spot light! To Tempest, Caffery, Rincewind, Gracie and our new Friend Bree you all Looked mah-velous! 

Magic (Ch Cincerlee the Color of Magic) had a wonderful time this weekend she took Runner-up in Veteran sweepstakes at the BC sheltie specialty under respected breeder Marilyn Bernard. She and Mala (Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind) also made to cut in the Best of breed Ring at the specialty under breeder-judge Denise Corneilsson. What a lovely way to finish the year surrounded by our sheltie Family! You are the best and we couldn't do it without you!

December 1st, 2011: we say a sad goodbye to Chandler as heads off to her new Home in Ontario. good thing she is staying in the "Family" Look for Chandler at Sharl's Shelties in Ontario! Sharon is Mala's other mommy and everyone is thrilled that his little grand daughter is heading back to her roots to continue her grand daddy's  legacy. All the best You two!

November 29, 2011: Big thanks to Judy at Coastalview for helping us stay organized throughout Liana's Convalescence. We couldn't have done it without you!

Nov. 28, 2011: We are thrilled to announce the  arrival of 5 puppies by Am/Can Ch Crinan's Back In Black "Reno" and Ch. Azarel A Muse in Lace "Muse" pictures of our "Little Women" litter on the Nursery page!

November 26, 2011: everyone is home from the Elsie Murray show in Cloverdale! Even though it wasn't a red letter weekend everyone had fun and  we would like to thank David and Pat for caring for and showing Fin, Halo and Mala all weekend. It's nice to know the fur kids are in good hands even when you can't be there!

November 24, 2011: tissues all around as Joey, Rachael and Monica head home this weekend. Where has the time gone? good luck in your new homes you guys!

November 18, 2011: a very hard day here as Reno heads back home to Crinan shelties in Ontario. He touched us all deeply out here and we are very lucky to still be able to see his winning personality and beauty in his Puppies. Watch For Reno's Kids here at Cincerlee, Agile, Starscape and Marpointe Kennels.

Oct 30, 2011, Great Morning where Halo aka "Cincerlee's Calling All Angels" took Winners Bitch  under Judge Philip John at the Peach Arch Herding and Working Specialty. Finley picked up a Reserve Winners and Mala took Best Opposite- nice! Off to the all breed ring where Finley and Halo pick up reserve under judge Dr. Eugene Yerusalimsky and Mala proudly took Best Opposite. We had lots of fun meeting up with our Sheltie friends and visiting with their dogs. Had the pleasure of meeting   a bright young man named Max who will be  the proud owner of one of Dorothy's puppies. He is very excited! Time to pack up and go home- what a wonderful weekend!

Oct 29,2011:  Another great day at the  Lower Mainland show  Sheltie Booster where "Finley " aka was awarded Best Of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed over Specials today under Judge        Deney Janssen. Halo  aka "Cincerlee's Calling All Angels " took  Reserve WInners Bitch and Mala looked amazing as he took  Best     Opposite. Had a lovely visit with Friends, Nancy and Darren and took in some great judging and vendor booths!  Hats off the our handlers Pat and David Gignac  for presenting our kids to perfection despite a VERY busy schedule!

Oct 28, 2011: It was Halo's aka "Cincerlee's Calling All Angels" turn to shine today at the Lower Mainland show where she given the nod for Winners Bitch under Judge Joey Lim. Had a wonderful time visiting with our friends K and Amie and Joanna. What a treat to visit their studio! Thanks guys:)

Oct 27, 2011: Exciting day today as our Mala son "Cincerlee Starscape So Divine" aka Finley steps into the show ring for the first time   at the Lower Mainland Show and is Awarded Best Of Winners under Judge Goran Bodegard. Our visiting girl "Crinan's Cover Story" aka Paige took Winners Bitch to complete her Championship. Not to be outdone, Mala strutted his stuff to a Best Opposite in fierce Breed Competition. Finley is proudly owned by Alanna or Starscape Shelties.

Oct 23, 2011: Fantastic news from Ontario today where our friend Sharon McLean's pretty girl Bethy was awarded Best Of Breed and a Group 3 from the classes to become Ch. Sharls  Camelot Lady McBeth! This is the 5th Ch. produced by Mala's mom Ch. Sharls  Lady Shalanvera and earns her the prestgious ROMC title!

Oct 23,2011:Had a great time at the first Victoria Sheltie and Collie Club Meet Up today. We had about 30 Shelties and their owners all out chatting and letting their Shelties enjoys their Social Time.Thanks to my Daughter Ashley for organizing this group which will be meeting once a month.Pictures posted on Shelties "Enjoying Life" page.

Oct 22, 2011: Congratulations to our friend Judy Tulloch of Coastalview Shelties as she welcomes a litter of 3 boys and a girl out of Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind "Mala" and Ch. Coastalviews Double Delicious.

Oct 16,2011: Caber and Halo each took Reserve and our Mala Man took Best Of Breed today...high spirits as we set out for home with our new Champion and thankful for a successful weekend at the show.

Oct 15, 2011: Another great day at the show where Caber aka "Cincerlee's Celtic Song" and Halo "Cincerlee Calling All Angels" both took reserve Winners Today. The Club dinner was fun -the Port Alberni Club Members really    put on a great spread! Thanks everyone! More celebrating tonight as we toast Linda Byron for getting her first points on her pretty Tri Girl.

Oct 14, 2011: Just back from a lovely celebration dinner with friends and fellow breeders and reflecting on how much more these shows mean when we share these specials moments with friends. Our "Cincerlee Family" keeps growing and I am  truly thankful and honored to be surrounded by such great people! Now-  I'm off to the Jacuzzi!

Oct 14, 2011: Celebrations all round today as we celebrate our newest Champion! "Gracie" Is now Ch. Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace. Gracie took Winners Bitch today under Mr. Roberto Velez-Pico. at the Alberni Valley Kennel Club. Unfortunately my back acted up in the Winners judging so proud owner Jan took her in and  won Best of Winners and Best Opposite over a  Special for a 4 point win! Way to go Jan! It was a super day for our class dogs as well when "Caber" Cincerlee's Celtic Song stepped into the ring for the first time and took a very competitive jr. puppy class and went on to Reserve Winners and Best Puppy in Breed with excited owners the Lai family watching from ringside. Not to be outdone, "Halo" Cincerlees Calling All Angels won her very competitive puppy class and went on to Reserve Winners to Gracie.

Oct 9, 2011: Puppy pictures are up on  the Nursery Page!!!Thanks to Alanna Brooks for taking the newbOrn pics and helping to post them on our site-much appreciated!

Oct 9, 2011: Another great day at the Fraser Valley Show where Cincerlee Calling All Angels "Halo" was Awarded Reserve winners and best Puppy In Breed under Judge Gary Allen. Our Hansome Mala showed to perfection and was Best Opposite. We are so proud:)

 Oct. 8, 2011Another great day at the Fraser Valley Show where Halo and Gracie  took first in their class and Mala was awarded Best Opposite.

October 7, 2011: Big day at Fraser Valley Kennel CLub where  Our young puppy "Halo" ,  Cincerlee's Calling All Angels was awrded Best Of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed over some amazing open dogs today! Well Done Halo! Right behind Halo in the winner's circle was "Gracie" aka Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace took Resere Winners Bitch! Not to be outdone, our Handsome "Mala" aka CH. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind took BO in heavy Breed Ring competition!

October 6, 2011:Dorothy "Azarel A Muse In Lace" andReno"Am./Can.Ch Crinan's Back in Black are pleased to announce the arrival of 6 healthy puppies...4 girls and 2 boys! pictures will be posted soon!

Sept10, 2011: A real celebration around here today as word gets back that Mala was awarded Best Of Breed again today at the Skaha Show and then made the cut in the Herding Group. We are so proud of Mala! Special Thanks to David and Pat Gignac for piloting Mala to these notable wins:)

September 9, 2011: Go Mala! Ch Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind Picks up BOB and a group Third in a highly competitive herding group at Skaha Kennel Club Show today under Judge Oscar Valverde-Calvo. Handled, as always, by David and Pat Gignac, Holy Smokes! what a Day!

September 5th, 2011: Sad day as We send Gloria to her new home today, Watch her star rise at Crinan Shelties.

Sept 4, 2011: Up early to wash puppies and prepare for photo shoots with Evelyn today. She has generously offered her photography talents to us and we know we will get some beautiful photos!  

Sept 3, 2011: Good news from Kamloops as Siren picks up 3 points! That really does make 10 points now...who would have known counting to 10 was so hard...thanks you to David and Pat Gignac for their fantastic  care and presentation of our girl.

Sept.2, 2011: Enjoying a weekend with our friend, Evelyn  Susin of Crinan Shelties...nice to be able to "talk shop" for hours on end.

August 14, 2011: Took a break from the show ring today to try out a new hobby; we took some of the shelties up island for a herding instinct test.(the first step before competitive herding) We are very pleased to announce that Cincerlee's A touch Of Grace and Cincerlee's the Color of Magic were both awarded a Herding Instinct Certificate. Congratulations Ladies!

August 7, 2011: Paige "Crinan's Cover Story" picks up another 3 points going Best Of Winners. 9 points...1 more to go...Exciting finish to Gracie's "Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace" puppy career as she is awarded Best Puppy In Bred and Best Puppy in Herding Group! She had a great time showing today and did  us all proud in the Best Puppy In Show Ring!

August 6, 2011: Our visiting female, Crinan's Cover Story "Paige" picked of a 3 point win going Best Of Winners Today handled by Joniah Wilbee. Well done ladies! Mala had a great take taking Best of Breed and making the cut in HErding Group! Exciting to see our handsome man strutting his stuff in the Group Ring.

August 5, 2011: Mala continues to strut his stuff taking Best Opposite in a highly competitive Specials Ring.

Aug 4, 2011: Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind "Mala" continues his winning ways with Best we pack up and head to Victoria Shows...

Aug, 3, 2011: Mala is awarded best Opposite today...way to go Mala!

August 2, 2011: Gracie "Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace" takes Reserve Winners and best Puppy in Breed today and Mala takes best Opposite in Strong Specials competition. Despite trying to chase away the airplanes flying overhead while she was in the Puppy Sweeps ring, Gracie wins Runner Up to Best In Puppy Sweeps , handled by her proud Mom Jan! Way to go girls:)

August 1, 2011: Spectacular day in Campbell River where our visiting girl, Paige "Crinan's Cover Story" took BOW for 3 points under Judge Doug Windsor. Not to be outdone, Gracie "Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace takes, Reserve Winners, Best Puppy In breed and Best Puppy In Group! If that wasn't enough our handsome Mala "Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind was awarded best of Breed and First in Group!!!!How  exciting for us to have our Shelties in the Best in Show and Best Puppy in Show Line Up - SO PROUD today:) 

July 31st, 2011: Muse is now  CHAMPION AZAREL A MUSE IN LACE! BOW today for 3 more points! Cincerlee's a Touch of Grace takes Reserve Winners Female and Runner up in the puppy Sweeps over a very large entry!

July 30, 2011: Awesome day today as Azarel   A Muse in Lace took WB again for 3 points... one more to go and she is a champion! Mala took Best Opposite in a competitive specauils class and our little Gracie (Cincerlee's A touch Of Grace) Took Best Puppy in Breed over a Very large class of puppies! stay tuned for more news as the island circuit rolls on!

July 29, 2011: Van packed, dogs groomed....heading off the the Vancouver Island circuit. Looking forward to 9 days of dogs, friends and maybe a few points along the way;0

July 28, 2011: Darn! Found out from CKC that Siren only had 9 points instead of 10 for her Championship...need to learn to count to 10! Well, back to the show ring in Sept. to get that last point....

July 25, 2011: What great weekend on the Mainland! We had the best of times hanging out with both old and new friends, You are all awesome! Good companionship is what makes dogs shows so much fun!

July 24, 2011: New Champion Caffery takes Best Puppy in Breed and then Best Puppy in Group! Muse Wins Winners Female today for another 3 points leaving her more than halfway towards her championship after her first weekend of showing. You Go Girl!

July 23, 2011: Cincerlee's Prince Charming Completes his Canadian Championship with another Winners Dog at Pacific Kennel Club!

July 22, 2011: Great Fist day at the Pacific Kennel Club dog show in Surrey where Cincerlee's Prince Charming (Caffery) Got Winners Male and added 2 more points towards his Canadian championship. Only one more point to go,  how exciting! Our new  addition Azarel A Muse In Lace (Muse) made a splash by going Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners her first Day in the ring. Well done Kids!

July 20, 2011: Despite our best efforts, "Diamond" passes away today....sad, sad week. These little pups have a firm hold on our hearts the moment  we cut the cord and losing them after even 48 hours is devastating.

July 18, 2011:  We were pleasantly surprised today  when Bijou  went into labour a week ahead of her due date, whelping a beautiful flashy litter of Blue Merles and tri-colors. There are 3 blue Merle females, 1 tri female, 1 blue Merle male and. 1 tri male. Pictures will be posted on the Nursey page very soon!

July 17, 2011: New pictures of the "All In The Family" Litter on the Nursery Page...We are thrilled to announce our upcoming litter from Ch. Crinan's Back In Black "Reno" and CoastalView Cincerlee Bijou "Bijou"...Puppies due July 23rd!

July 10, 2011: Finally posting pictures of our "ALL IN THE FAMILY" litter.....Archie, Micheal, Gloria and Edith are all doing well...see them on our Nursery page.

July 10, 2011: Heavy hearts here today as one of out beautiful little sable girls out of Cher's litter passed away. It can be so heartbreaking being a breeder sometimes:(

July 8, 2011: Cher's puppies arrived right on schedule! pleased to announce the safe arrival of three girls and two  boys:)

 June 16, 2011: Ultrasound confirmed the our beautiful BPIS Ch. Crinan Share the Dream "Cher"  is pregnant and due to have her litter on July 9! The sire of this litter is Am. Ch. Sandance Ardastra "Evan" who is the sire of the  top winning Sheltie Bitch in the history of the breed...(2009 ASSA National winner of  BISS,BIS Grand Ch. PaRay's Cirque De Soliel.) Pictures of these  Evan and Cher on our nursery page.

 June 13, 2011: Just updating the site and reflecting on  the great weekend we had with all our "Sheltie Family" both human and canine. Thanks  to Kay, Amie, Joanna, Jan, Joniah, and Lydia for a fun, light hearted weekend.....lots of laughs and a few points along the way;) 

June 12, 2011:A very successful show afternoon as Caffrey and Gracie take Reserve Winners and Mala "Ch. Sharl's Delamantha  Divine Mind" takes Best Of Breed and Group 2 in a very competitive Group! Special thanks to David Gignac and Chelsea Birmingham for their exellent presentation of our kids this weekend. Pictures posted on our "Hopefuls" page...Sincere Congratulations to Kay, Amie and Joanna and Jan on Caffery and Gracie's Wins!

June 12, 2011: The Shelties weren't the only ones being judged today as Joanna Kim stepped into the ring for her first Offical Junior Handling competition. She charmed spectators and judges and did a fantastic job handling Caffery and Lacey to a first place finish in her class! Well done JJ:) Hopefully we can post pictures soon.

June 12, 2011: A great morning as Cincerlee's Prince Charming "Caffery" takes Reserve Winners and Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace "Gracie" takes Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed for 4 points! Mala, shown by Chelsea Birmingham looked awesome as he picked up Best Opposite under Judge Olga Gagne.

June11, 2011: Another successful show under Judge Grant Townsend where Caffery "Cincerlee's Prince Charming" took Reserve Winners and Mala"Ch. Sharl's Delalmanths Divine Mind took Best Opposite beautifully handled by his buddy David Gignac.

June 11, 2011: Great start to the weekend at the Comox Valley Show where Cincerlee's Prince Charming "Caffery" took Winners Male  and Best Puppy in Breed under Judge Lynn Storeshaw. His sister, Cincerlee's A Touch of Grace "Gracie" took Reserve Winners Female. Our handsome "Mala Man" Ch. Sharls Delamantha Divine Mind strutted his stuff and took Best Opposite in a very competitive Specials Ring.


June 11, 2011: Congratulations to Kay Kim as he steps into the Show Ring for the first time with his puppy "Cincerlee's Princess Aurora" Lacey. Kay and Lacey performed beautifully and they boith enjoyed themselves. Way to go!


May 29,2011: Shooter heads off to Alberta as a foundation male Stud Dog and a beloved pet to the Clarahan Family. enjoy your life on the ranch buddy...we're gonna' miss ya.....

 May 29, 2011: Thanks to all our friends and family who made this weekend at the VIDFA show so much fun! Special thanks to Kay for BBQing for the gang! It's good times like this that are what the sport of Dog Showing is really all about.Ribbons are nice, but spending time with other Sheltie Fanciers while our Shelties all played was great!Special thanks to Joniah Wilbee for help great handling of Siren and all her help over the weekend and thanks to David and Pat Gignac for the excellent presentation of Caffery and Mala.


May, 29, 2011:Celebrations all round as "Caffery" Cincerlee's Prince Charming takes Winners Male for 2 points Under Judge Mary White. Caffery now has 5 points from the Jr. Puppy Class. Congratulations to Kay, Amie, and Joanna for a nice win:) "Mala" was "in it to win it" today as he took Best Of Breed over top winning Specials Whoo Hoo!

May 28,2011: Congratulations to Cincerlee's Prince Charming "Caffery"as he takes Reserve Winners Male today. Congrats to Mala who showed beautifully today to a Best Opposite.

May 27th, 2011: What a wonderful way to start off the weekend! Rowanglen's Red Alert (Siren) Took Best of Winners for 3 points! That makes her a Canadian Champion!!! Whoo Hoo!Not To be out done by his kennel mate Cincerlee's Prince Charming (Caffery) Charmed his way to Best Puppy in breed! CH Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind (Mala) Maintained with a well won Best Opposite! 

May 15, 2011: What a great day atTyee Kennel Club where Tempest took Winners Dog for 3 points to complete his Canadian Championship! Tempest was beautifully handled by Joniah Wilbee who worked very hard conditioning and training him for this weekend.Mala took Best Opposite today. Thanks to everyone for a very fun weekend:) That makes our third Champion this year whoo hoo!


May 14, 2011: What a great day at Tyee Kennel Club where Tempest "Cincerlee's Pineapple Express" took Winners Male for 3 points.Thanks to Joniah Wilbee for he great presentation of  Tempest:) Not to be outdone Gracie "Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace" took Best Of Winners and Best  Puppy In Breed for 4 points! Congratulations to proud owner Jan! Mala "Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind" looked Dapper as he took Best Opposite handled by hus buddy David Gignac. Pictures to be posted soon! 

 May 13, 2011: Friday the 13th was lucky for us as Siren "Rowanglen's Red Alert " (After a 8 months away from the show scene)   picks up Winners Bitch for 3 points today under Judge Terry Gains at Tyee Kennel Club Show! Way to go Siren! Mala "Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind took Best Opposite.

May 10,2011: Exciting times this week as our "American Idol"litter heads to their new homes! We look forward the hearing all about the fun you and your new additions will share:)

April 15:2011: Here is a link to a Video of our American Idol puppies having some fun!

 April 12, 2011: Even more exciting news as Tequila -Explosive Cuervo Gold gives birth to a gorgeous  sable and white litter of 3 females and 2 males sired by our handsome young dog Aiden- Crinan Talk Of The Town...thanks for waiting until I got home from the show Tequila!

April 11, 2011: Big news as Caffery takes Best Of Winners   and Best Pupppy  In Breed from the junior puppy class  for a 3 point win today! Well   done Caffrey! Gracie looked like a star today with handler David Gignac and again took 2nd in her very competitive puppy class. Mala took Best Opposite. Thank you to Kay, Amie, Joanna and Jan for the superlative care and conditioning of Caffrey and Gracie:)

April 10, 2011: Another solid performance at the Renaissance Show where Caffery and Gracie both placed well in their puppy classes today! They are showing and behaving just wonderfully and are enjoying it! Mala was having a great time in the ring with David and looked fabulous as he took Best Opposite to the Gorgeous Best In Show Girl, Ava Gardner.

April 9, 2011:Mala took Best Opposite and it was another great day for the puppies as Caffery took ReserveWinners and Gracie took 2nd in a very competitive jr. puppy class. The day got even better as Gracie took third in a very large all bred puppy sweeps class handled by her proud owner, Jan. You looked great today ladies:)

April 8, 2011: Had a good day at Renaissance Dog Association Show where Littermates out of Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection "Bailey" and Ch. Cincerlee's Tequila Sunrise "Isla", Caffery "Cincerlee's Prince Charming" & Gracie "Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace" did very well today.  Caffrey took Reserve Winners from the Jr. Puppy Class and Gracie placed third in her Junior Puppy Class. "Mala" Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind, dusted off his show coat and stepped back into the Specials ring with Handler David Gignac. He looked awesome and had a super time as he placed Best Opposite in a highly competitive Specials Ring.

 March 31, 2011: Whew! What a hectic week! Pictures of all the puppies are updated  on the nursery page.

 Thanks for your patience everyone! I know you are all excited to see the new arrivals and start picking your's like Christmas isn't it!

March 27, 2011: Didn't make it to  the show today as Magic gives birth to a beautiful litter of 5 puppies! Thanks to Rita and Jan for their help "mid woofing" and welcoming our three boys and two girls into the coming soon!

 March 26, 2011: Success again today as Reno takes Best Opposite, Rincewind is awarded Best Puppy In Breed and Gracie takes Reserve Winners.(Thanks for keeping your nose off the floor in the ring today Gracie!:)

March 25, 2011: Another fun day at Oceanside where Reno takes Best Opposite, Rincewind takes Best Puppy In Breed and Gracie wins her junior puppy class and takes Reserve Winners under Judge Donna Cole. Our dogs showed great today .....Rita and Rincewind are becoming a well oiled machine in the ring:)

March 24, 2011: Today at Oceanside Kennel Club Show Reno Am/Can Ch. Crinan Back In Black took Best Opposite, Ch. Cincerlee's the Lite Fantastic took Best Puppy and Cincerlee's A Touch Of Grace took Reserve Winners under Judge Enda St. Hilaire. Congrats to Rita and Jan for doing a spectacular job handling their dogs Rincewind and Gracie for first time:)

March 16, 2011: Check our puppies and available dogs page for updates on our upcoming litters.

March 13, 2011: We welcome the arrival of Aiden "Ch. Crinan Talk Of The Town" and Dorothy's  "Azarel Beyond The Rainbow" litter of two gorgeous Sable and White girls of "Thelma" and "Louise"  to be posted  on our nursery page soon.....

March 13, 2011: Had a fun day at the local Saanction matches with all our Sheltie Owners proudly showing their Cincerlee Kids in the  Competition  Ring for the first time. Congrats to Rita and Rincewind, Jan and Gracie, Alanna and Aeryn , and Brittany and Bam Bam for a great job presenting your kids! Today the Saanction match...tommorrow the world:)

March 11 2011: We are pleased to welcome 3 lovely sable and white boys and 1 beautiful sable and white girl! Proud Parents Mala and on the nursery page soon! 

Feb 27, 2011: "Aiden" takes Winners Male under Judge Thomas Alexander at the Lower Mainland Show for a total of 13 points for his Canadian  Championship. "Reno" is awarded Best Opposite.

Feb 26, 2011: Cincerlee celebrates our second Champion of 2011 as "Aiden" Crinan Talk Of The Town takes Winners Male Under Judge  Lesley Hiltz for 2 points to compelte his Canadain Championship! Thanks to David Gignac for his excellent presentation of Aiden. "Reno" Am/Can. Ch. Crinan's Back In Black took Best Opposite today.

Feb. 25 2011: "Aiden" Crinan Talk Of The Town takes reserve Winners Dog and Reno Am/Can Ch. Crinan's Back in Black takes Best Opposite under Judge Sandy Alexander  at Lower Mainland Dog Show.


Feb 18: 2011 Great news from Chilliwack today where "Aiden" Crinan Talk Of The Town took Winners Dog for 3 points!(1 more point to go....) "Reno" Am/Can Ch. Crinan's Back In Black took Best Opposite today. Thanks again to David and Pat Gignac for their great presentation of our kids:)

Jan 30, 2011:We are thrilled to announce our first champion of 2011! "Rincewind" is now Ch. Cincerlee The Light Fantastic. He took Best of Winners at the Ladies Kennel Club for a four point win to finish his championship in Grand  Style at the tender age of ten months! Congratulations to Proud parents John and Rita and great job keeping Rincewind in great condition for the shows:)  Not to be outdone "Reno" A/mCan Ch. Crinan Back in Black was awesome in the  Specials ring and took Best Opposite in a  highly competitive venue!

Jan 29, 2011: Another succesful day at the Ladies Kennel Club as "Rincewind" Cincerlee The Light Fantastic takes Winners Male for 2 points! 1 more point and he's a Champion....we're keeping our fingers crossed:)

Jan 28, 2011: Great Day at Ladies Kennel Club in a very competitive Sheltie Ring where "Aiden" Crinan Talk of The Town picked up 4 points, going Best Of Winners for 4 points and "Rincewind" Cincerlee The Light Fantastic took Reserve Winners and Best Puppy In Breed. Our new arrival "Reno" Am/Can Ch. Crinan Back in Black goes Best Opposite over Specials.

Jan 27, 2011: We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Am/Can. Ch. Crinan's Back In Black "Reno" . We would like to thank  Evelyn Susin of Crinan Shelties for sharing her special boy with us! He is a great dog with a super pedigree and will be standing at stud at Cincerlee Shelties for a year.. Reno will be out in the show ring with Pat Gignac this year. Look for his page on our site very soon!'

Jan 2, 2011:: Just posted our updated photos of our Magic and Ben babies, check out thier pages (Sheldon, Freddie and Daphne)We have a very special guest for 2011 - keep checking back to see who the new arrival is....

 Dec 31, 2010:What a great year we've had ! We finished four Champions: Ch. CIncerlee's Double Shot "Shooter", BPIS Ch. Crinan Share The Dream Cher", Ch. Cincerlee's Tequila Sunrise "Isla", and Ch. Cincerlee Strait Tequila Nite "Patrone"! We also pointed three other dogs, Cincerlee's Pineapple Express "Tempest" 4 points, Cincerlee The Lite Fantastic "Rincewind" 7 points, and Rowanglen's Red Alert "Siren" 4 points. Our lovely bitch Explosive Cuervo Gold "Tequila" qualified for her Dam of Excellence award through the BC Shetland Sheepdog Club. Ch. CIncerlee The Color Of Magic "Magic" took third in her class at the Canadian National this May. Let's not forget Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind "Mala" who was # 11 Sheltie in Canada for 2010 Whoo Hoo! What a Year! The VERY BEST part of 2010 was all the new friends we made through the Shelties this  year. We are all going to have a lot of fun with our Sheltie Kids  in 2011! Thanks to each and every one of you for your part in making 2010 a truly special year for Cincerlee Shelties - woof! woof! Happy New Year!


Dec 12, 2010: Great wrap up to the Show Year as Rincewind takes Reserve Winners and Mala takes Best Opposite today.

Dec. 11,2010: Rincewind takes Reserve Winners and Mala takes Best Opposite today and Auld Lang Syne Show.


Dec10,2010: Great Day at Auld Lang Syne Show where "Rincewind" Cincerlee The Lite Fantastic  took Best of Winners and Best Puppy today for 2 points under Judge Walter Pinsker. Congratulations to proud owners Rita and John:) "Mala"  Ch. Sharls Delamantha Divine Mind took Best Opposite today.

Nov:28,2010:  What a great weekend! Mala "Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind" took Best of Breed and Group 4 today moving  him to #11 Sheltie in Canada.  Rincewind "Cincerlee The Lite Fantastic" had a great day taking reserve Winners and Best Puppy In Breed. Thank you Terry Bernier for stepping  in and handling the kids for us today!

Nov:27, 2010: Another successful day at Elsie Murray Show as "Mala" Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind took Best of Breed again today whoo hoo! "Aiden" Crinan Talk of the Town showed very well and took Reserve Winners Dog today...nice work you two:)

Nov:26, 2010: Congratulations to "Mala" Ch. Sharl's Delalamantha Divine Mind as he takes Best of Breed and Group 4 at the Elsie Murray Show under Judge Gary Allan. Rincewind took Reserve Winners Dog today from the jr. puppy class :) Way to go boys!

Nov. 14, 2010: Loads of fun around her today as the younger Shelties experience their first snowfall.... You chase those snowflakes Aiden!

Nov. 17, 2010: Siren and Bailey are proud parents as Siren gives birth to a beautiful red sable son...we call him "Hoover" as he was eating before the cord was even cut! Mother and son doing very well:) 

October 17, 2010: Another succesful day at Alberni Valley Kennel Club where Rincewind "Cincerlee The Lite Fantastic" takes Best Of Winners for 2 points ( that makes him half way to his Championship at the age of six months and two weeks) and Siren "Rowanglen's Red Alert" Takes Winners Bitch for 2 points. Not to be outdone, Mala takes Best Opposite over quality Specials Competition today.

Oct 16, 2010:Alberni Valley Kennel CLub, Rincewind "Cincerlee The Lite Fantastic" gets his first points towards his canadian championship! Congratulations! Winners Male and Best of Winners for 3 points! Siren pickes up her first points with Winners female, you go girl! We had an awesome time at the Alberni Kennel Club Dinner tonight....lots of laughs:)

Oct. 15, 2010:  Mala Goes Best Opposite at the Alberni Kennel Club Show. Rincewind and  Siren Takes reserve winners female .

Oct. 11, 2010: Mala takes Best Opposite over top winning competition at Fraser Valley Show today!

Oct 9, 2010:Very exciting day at Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers as Mala takes Best Of Breed over a very large, competitive Breed Ring and onto  a First In Group! It was a very exciting day!Way to go Mala Man!

Rincewind took fourth in his class at the B.C. Shetland Sheepdog Specialty and Bijou took third in her class...well done for their very first show!

Oct 8, 2010: Mala takes Best Opposite Sex in a large, quality, filled Special Class at Fraser Valley Dog Fanciers! He looked awesome:)

Sept 27, 2010: Congratulations to Tequila "Explosive Cuervo Gold" as she qualifies for  her BC Sheltie Club Dam of Excellence Status with her litter of three Champions. (Shooter, Isla and Patrone)

Sept 26, 2010: We are thrilled to announce that Patrone is now "Ch. Cincerlee Strait Tequila Nite" as she takes Best of Winners for three points today to complete her Canadian Championship! Mala showed great and was awarded Best Opposite over other Specials today as well. Thanks again to David and Pat Gignac for their excellent care and presentation of our kids!

Sept 25, 2010: Congratulations to Mala"Ch. Sharls Delamantha Divine Mind" as he takes Best Opposite over Quality Specials Competition at the BC Sheltie Booster at Mt Cheam today.

Sept 24, 2010: Patrone "Cincerlee Strait Tequila Nite" takes Reserve Winners and Mala takes Best Opposite at Mt. Cheam Show..well done!

Sept. 6, 2010 :Congratulaions to "Mala" Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind as he takes Best of Breed and Group 3rd at the Kamloops Kennel Club!

September2, 2010: Good luck to Mala (Ch. Sharl's Dalamantha Divine MInd) as he heads off to the Kamloops and Osoyoos Shows.

August 31, 2010: We are pleased to annouce the safe arrival of three beautiful puppies from Isla (Ch. Cincerlee's Tequila Sunrise)
 and Bailey (Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection). Our "Three's Company" litter Jack, Janet, and Chrissy are all doing great!

August 18, 2010: We are thrilled to annouce the arrival of a healthy litter of 5- 3 males, 2 females out of Am/Can Ch. Taliksker's Bengal ROMC and  ChH. Cincerlee's The Color of Magic. Pictures soming soon!

August 10, 2010: Ultrasound confirms pregnancy of Ilsa (new Ch. Cincerlee's Tequila Sunrise) with Bailey (Bach Cincerlee Coastal Connection) this is the first litter for both of these lovely sable dogs so we are anxious to meet  this litter due Sept 6!

August 9, 2010: Had a wonderful time on the Vancouver Island dog show circuit where we had lots of fun showing our Shelties with our friends for 9 days. Congratulations, to Judy Tulloch for obtaining her Championship on Ch. Granite Gables Licorice Twist, and to Natalie Thomas for 2 Best of Breeds and a Group 1 and Group 4 on her lovely dog, Ch. Rayelle's Full Throttle. Thanks for the good times everyone :)

August 8, 2010: We are thrilled to annouce our newest Champion : Ch. Cincerlee's Tequila Sunrise! (Isla) Isla took Winners Bitch and Best of Winners  at Victoria City Kennel CLub to day to complete her Canadian Championship! Congratulations to her owner Alana Brooks. Not ot be outdone....Our lovely Cher (BPIS Ch. Crinan Share the Dream takes her 11th Best Puppy in Breed Win!

 August 7, 2010:In the pouring rain today, at Victoria City Kennel Club,  Tempest (Cincerlee's Pineapple Express) takes Winners dog for 2 more points as a junior puppy and Isla (Cincerlee's  Tequila Sunrise) takes Reserves Winners Bitch.

August 6, 2010:Exciting day at Victoria City Kennel Club where Cher (Ch. Crinan Share the Dream) takes, Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed, Group 4, Best Puppy in Group and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW! under judge Susan Badick. Thanks to "Team Gignac" and Chelsea for an exceptional presentation of our girl!

Not to be out done...

After a three day break, Isla takes Best Of Winners for three pointstoday.(1 more point and she's a Champion...keeping our fingers crossed :)

August 5, 2010: After two days off with a sore foot, Cher takes Best Puppy In Breed at Glacier View Kennel Club. Beautifully Presented by Terry Bernier.

August 2, 2010 Cincerlee's Tequila Sunrise "Isla" takes WB for 3 points at the Cambell River Dog Fanciers Show show in Campbell River!

August 1st, 2010: "Cher" takes BPIB again and stopped for a lovely photo opp with the local newspaper!

July 31, 2010: "Cher" goes Best Puppy in Breed at Campbell River.

July 30, 2010: Mala steps out at AKC for his first Prarie show with David Gignac and win Best Opposite from a large specials class, well done!

July 16, 2010: Congratulations to Ch. Crinan Share the Dream (Cher) as she takes Best Puppy in Breed at the Pringe George Kennel Club Show today.

July 16,2010:We're Expecting! Ultrasound confirms pregnancy of Magic (Ch. Cincerlee's The Colour of Magic)She has been bred to Am/Can Ch. Taliker's Bengal ROM and we are eagerly awaiting this "Special Delivery" Pictures of Taliker's Bengal on Puppies page... 

July5, 2010: First pictures of our "Corner Gas" litter posted on

puppies page...

 July 2, 2010: Shooter (Ch. Cincerlee's Double Shot) and Tequila (Explosive Cuervo Gold) are pleased to annouce the arrival of 6 healthy puppies! 4 boys and 2 girls! Picture to be posted in the next day or so!


June 20, 2010: We are pleased to announce that Cher (Crinan Share the Dream) took Winners  Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed today for 3 points to complete her Canadian Championship at the tender age of 8 months! We are SO proud of her! See her new show picture on her page!

Not to be outdone Isla (Cincerlee's Tequila Sunrise) took reserve Winners Bitch today and our handsome Stud Dog Mala took Best Opposite!

June 19, 2010: Cher (Crinan Share the Deam) takes Reserve Winners  and Mala (Ch. Sharl's Delamantha  Divine Mind) takes Best Opposite.

June 18, 2010:  Great Day at Nanaimo Show. Cher (Crinan Share The Dream) went Best of Winners, Best Puppy for 3 points and Mala (Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind) took Best of Breed and Group 3 Whoo Hoo!

June 13, 2010: Cher takes Reserve Winners and Mala takes Best of Breed in Comox today. Sincere thanks to David and Pat Gignac for their excellent presentation of our kids.

June 12, 2010: Another  exciting day in Comox as Mala takes best of Breed and on to a Group 2nd under Judge Carol Graham Whoo Hoo!! Thanks to David Gignac for his great presentation of Mala.

 June 11, 2010: Comox Valley Show: Cher picks up Reserves Winners today....and Mala was the Man today as he took Best of Breed and went on to a Group 4 placing Under Judge Cheryl Shaw!

May 30, 2010: No points today but Congratulations to Marilyn Bernard and Judy Tulloch for their wins with their beautiful Shelties today! Lots of fun talking to our freinds who came to see the show.

 May 29, 2010: Congratulations ot Cher  "Crinan Share the Dream" bred and co-owned by Evelyn Susin, as she goes Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed from the Junior Puppy Class for another 3 points today.  Beautifully handled by by Pat Gignac. Congratulation to Shooter "Ch. Cincerlee's Double Shot as he picks up Best of Opposite his first time out as a Special. Thanks to Joanne Howe for handling Shooter.

May 27, 2010: A very successful day st the Vancouver Island Dog Fanciers Show  where our new girl Crinan Share The Dream "Cher" bred and co-owned by Evelyn Susin, picked up Best of Winners and Best Puppy In breed from the Junior Puppy Class for 3 points. This was Cher's first time in the ring wih handler Pat Gignac and they made a great team! Thank you Pat!

 May 17, 2010: Great Day at the Tyee Show as Shooter (Cincerlee's Double Shot)  takes Best Of Winners for Three Points to complete his Canadian Championship! Whoo Hoo! Thanks to Judy and Natalie piloting Shooter to his wins. Mala (Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind) was the Man today as he took Best of Breed and went onto Groups 2 nd ! Thanks again to David and Pat Gignac for their fantastic presentation of Mala. Cher, bred and co-owned by Evelyn Susin  picked up Reserve Winners from the Junior Puppy Class.

 May 16, 2010: Tempest makes is ring debut at six months old and takes Winners Dog for 2 points! Pretty nice start to his show career. Not to be outdone, Tequila takes Reserve Winners Female, Mala takes Best Opposite Sex  and Cher bred and co-owned by Evelyn Susin takes Best  Puppy in Breed! (Pictures to be posted later)


May 15, 2010: Another great day at Tyee Kennel Club where Shooter takes Winners Male and Mala takes Best of Breed in stiff competition! Thanks to David and Pat Gignac for their excellent presentation of Mala.

May 14, 2010: Great day at the Tyee Kennel Club Show where Shooter took Best Of Winners for 3 points. Cher, our new arrival bred and co-owned by Evelyn Susin,  picked up Reserve Winners Female from the Junior Puppy Class and Mala Picked up Best Opposite. Dorothy took first in her 12-18 month class despite her complete lack of coat.Well done!

May 6, 2010: Congratulations to Natalie Thomas of Mosaic Shelties on her litter of 5 sable puppies sired by Mala. We look forward to watching these kids develop.

May 4, 2010: Welcome to our new arrival Crinan Share the Dream "Cher" Cher is a lovely little sable and white girl  with a quality pedigree! Thank you to Breeder Evelyn Susin for co-owning this beautiful girl with us! Pictures coming soon...

May 4, 2010: After an epic road trip...blizzards, car trouble, storms, high winds etc. We made it to the National and were very proud when Magic (Ch. Cincerlee's the Color of Magic) took third in her vetran's class against some very beautiful and well coated dogs. Magic, unfortunatley, left her show coat at home! Well done!

Mala was very pleased at all the new women he met and has a few dates lined up for this fall....

We had a SUPER time and enjoyed meeting Sheltie Breeders from across Canada and seeing their wonderful dogs in person.

April 26, 2010: Road trip! We're off to the Sheltie National in Saskatoon. Magic, Mala, Tequila will be competing. We are looking forward to spending a few days with other Sheltie Lovers and meeting some fantastic dogs!  Oh yes,  we will be bringing a new addition home...

 April 5, 2010:Parker and Patrone's puppies have arrived!!!! 7 beautiful, healthy puppies! 2 Tri Males, 2 Blue Merle Males, 2 Blue Merle Females, and 1 Tri Female.Pictures to come today!!!Parker and Patrone made some very nice kids...


March 25: We wish Isla luck as she heads to Camrose for her last show on the circut.

March 13, 2010: Great results in Calgary as Shooter takes Winners Dog for two points and Isla takes Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners for three points! Thanks to Trina Neil for her expert presentation of our kids.


March, 10, 2010: Exciting day as Siren delivers a litter of gorgeous redheads....all girls! Pictures to come soon! Yippee!

Feb.23, 2010- While away on her show circuit Patrone met a VERY handsome Blue Merle named Parker AKA Am/ Can. Ch Wynset Ranier Paint The Town. Ultrasound confirmed today that Patrone is pregnant and due April 6! Thank you Corinne and Rex Rainsforth for allowing us to use Parker. This will be our first litter of Blue Merles in a long time....:)

Feb 15, 2010: Shooter takes second in Open Male and Patrone took First in Open Female and on to Reserve Winners in Brandon. Thank you to Trina and Connie of KanineKru for their excellent presentation of our dogs in this competitive venue.

Feb 14, 2010: Happy Birthday to me as Shooter takes first in open male and Patrone,takes first in open female and Reserve Winners  in Brandon.

Feb 13, 2010 : Shooter takes first in open male on goes on to Reserve Winners in Brandon. Patrone goes First in Open Class and on to Best of Winners for a 5 point win!!! Just one more point to go and she's a Champion!

Feb 12 , 2010: Shooter and Patrone both take second in their classes at  the Brandon Show.

 Feb: 5, 2010- BIG NEWS! Ultrasound confirmed today that Siren is pregnant with 5 puppies from Mala! We're SO excited! Puppies due March 8, 2010!

Feb1, 2010: We're wishing Patrone luck as she heads out to Alberta for the Sheltie Specialty and then off to  the Brandon Shows.

Jan 31, 2010: Ladies Kennel Club- Shooter takes first in his class, Patrone took first in her class and Reserve Winners and Best Puppy in Breed. Thanks to Judy Tulloch for her excellent grooming and presentation of Shooter and Isla.

Jan 30, 2010: Ladies Kennel Club show where Patrone took first in her class, followed by her sister, Isla. Patrone went on to Reserve Winners and Best Puppy in Breed. Thank you Pat Gignac for her lovely presentation of Patrone.

Jan 29, 2010- Lots of fun at the Ladies Kennel Club Show where Patrone took 1st in her class. We attended the AGM of the BC Shetland Sheepdog Club and had fun chatting with lots of other Sheltie Breeders.

Dec 11, 2009- Exciting times here this week as anxious puppy owners finally get to take their "trailer park boys" to their new homes! Smiles all round :)

Dec 6, 2009- Christmas spirit hits Cincerlee Shelties as we gather 10 Shelties for a Photo with Santa!Thanks for your patience Santa.... I'll post it as soon as it arrives from the photographer.

Nov 29, 2009-Shooter takes winners dog for his first point in Vancouver! Beautifully handled by Judy Tulloch

 Nov 27, 2009- Patrone takes Best Of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed for four points at the Calgary Show! Thank you Trina Niel for your fantastic presentation of our girl!

Nov. 16, 2009- Magic whelped a litter of 2 boys and a girl - lovely puppies!

Nov.1st 2009 Good Luck to Patrone as she heads off to the Prairies for the fall show season!

Oct 18, 2009- Isla took Reserve Winners bitch today (Thank you to our friend Judy Tulloch for all her help with Isla today) and Magic took Best Opposite. It was a great show and the dogs gained valuable ring experience. 


Oct 17, 2009- Port Alberni Show. Magic took Best Opposite at the Sheltie Booster, Shooter took first in his class at Puppy Sweeps and fourth overall in Sweeps whoo hoo! Patrone took third in her large puppy sweeps class.

Oct 16, 2009 - Puppy Alert!

Tequila whelped a gorgeous little of SIX sable and white boys! Mala is the proud papa. Pictures are up on the Puppies page.

Oct. 16, 2009 - Port Alberni Show.  Patrone gets reserve Winners her first time out....she had a blast! She also went on to get Best Of Breed and Group 2 at the Saanction Match that evening. Mala dusted off his show coat and showed beautifully in a Quality Specials class. He carried on to Best Graduate in Match on Friday Night. Magic took Best Opposite today beautifully presented by David Gignac.


 Oct.10th, 2009 - Ultrasound just confirmed Magic is pregnant ! Magic and Ryker babies are due Nov. 12th!!


Sept 11, 2009- Ultrasound just confirmed Tequila is pregnant with 5 puppies due October 13! 

Sept 7, 2009: Great News! Magic is in season...We have found a fantastic male with a pedigree that  is a great match for Magic...all the old Candega, MacDega lines. She'll be flying to Toronto to get bred on Sept 10.  We've been waiting a long time for this opportunity! 

Sept. 5,2009- After a few weeks off- Magic took Best of Winners and Best Opposite in Kamloops to finish her Championship! Whoo Hoo! Thank you to David Gignac for handling her for her final two points.

August 10th, 2009: Shooter placed fourth in his class against heavy competition in the All Breed Puppy Sweeps, he showed like a trooper, it's amazing  the things he'll do for bait!


Cincerlee Shelties Welcomes Ch. Sharl's Delamantha Divine Mind aka "Mala" and his Daughter Azarel's Beyond the Rainbow aka "Dorothy". Many Thanks to Zara Heartwood and Sharon MacLean for these fantastic kids, they are Darling! we eagerly await Mala's first litter in October 2009 with Tequila (he made himself right at home!)

August 9th, 2009: Cincerlee Shelties turned out for the BC Sheltie Specialty where Siren won Best Opposite and runner up in Puppy Sweeps (and she wasn't even trying!)

Magic carried on true to form taking Reserve winners Bitch from the Bred by Exhibitor  class. Bigger things awaited her in the All Breed show where she was selected Best in Show in Vic City Kennel Club's Time Honored Bred by Exhibitor Sweepstakes. We are so proud!

Tequila wasn't going to be stood up, she took first in the Open Sable Bitch class at the Speciality and placed consistently all week end.


August 8th, 2009 Magic Recieved Winners Bitch Under Jim Reynolds for another 3 points!


August 2nd, 2009. Magic got Winners Bitch for 2 more points...1/2 way to her championship! Home to rest for a few days until Vic City show.

August 1st, 2009. Magic  made her ring debut at 6 1/2 years of age. She went Winners Bitch, Best of Winners for 3 points!

May 8-11th, 2009 Siren was entered in her first show at the Tyee Kennel club where she learned the ropes! She showed beautifully.


February 1st 2009, Tequila and Player puppies are here!

Four fantastic girls and 2 handsome boys arrived early on the morning of February 1st!

This is Tequlia and Player's first litter and we look forward to hitting the campaign trail with them !